You know I love a statement (in fact I wrote this blog last week about making a statement with your accessories), but there was one thing I left out. Specs!

And if we are going to be honest, I’m slightly jealous of those people who get to wear glasses, because it’s one accessory I don’t have haha!

Saying that, it had been aaaaaaaages (I’m talking before I moved to NZ) since I’d had an eye exam, so who knew, I might have been needing glasses all this time and just hadn’t checked. So when Specsavers came to me for their Eye Health Month and asked if I wanted to visit Specsavers Takapuna for a comprehensive eye exam, I thought it was a great chance to tick this off the list, plus play with some cool frames too!





I was really excited about getting to try on a whole bunch of different frames. I love the idea that accessories can totally change your look and glasses are no different.

When choosing frames, you want to look for something that not only suits your face, but suits your style personality! Are you a conservative dresser? Or do you like something a little more on trend? Do you want a pop of colour? Or is bold and black the way to go.

With a wide range of designer glasses including exclusive collections from renowned designers and brands such as Kylie Minogue, Kym Ellery, Alex Perry, Collette Dinnigan and Country Road, you really have the world of choice!

Here are a few of the frames I had a play with!

VIEW THE FRAMES: Specsavers “Cindy” 2 pairs of single vision lenses from $299 | Specsavers “Jones” 2 pairs of single vision lenses from $299| Ellery 02  in black 2 pairs of single vision lenses from $299| Kylie Minogue 12  2 pairs of single vision lenses from $369


One of the things that surprised me, talking to the team at Specsavers, was that my eyes may have actually changed during pregnancy due to increased hormone levels (those bloody hormones right??), so it was doubly important to get my eyes checked after having Emmie.

Specsavers is encouraging Kiwis to prioritise their health and proactively schedule necessary health checks, including an eye exam, as part of a ‘health warrant of fitness’ and the team at Specsavers told me that over 1 million kiwis haven’t had their eyes checked in over 2 years!

I was one of them, and even though I didn’t think that there was anything wrong with them (20/20 vision y’all) I am slightly long-sighted, not enough to warrant frames yet, but I will definitely be checking back in two years time just to keep an eye on, well, my eyes!

Early detection is key when it comes to looking after your eye health, at Specsavers Digital Retinal Photography is included with every eye exam to help screen for any abnormalities and assists with picking up diseases such as diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Also, make sure you know your family eye health history as some conditions are hereditary.


And now it wouldn’t be a Chasing Cait post without a little style advice right? So here are my stylist tips when looking for some frames for your face;

  • Think about your personal style – do you like bold and bright? Or simple and clean?
  • Contrast the shape of your face – if it’s round, go for square or rectangle frames, and vice versa.
  • If you can’t choose, ASK! The team at Specsavers can take a snap with one if their iPads in store and help you compare photos. If you’re still struggling, pick out your three faves, go have a coffee and  then come back and try them again.
  • If you wear makeup, go in choosing your frames with your usual go-to makeup on! You don’t want an orange frame, if red lippy is your thing.
  • Have fun with the frames you choose! Try on ones you wouldn’t normally and you might be pleasantly surprised!



So many frames, so little time! I’ve already put my next eye check in the diary (I just wanna have another accessory to play with haha!). But seriously, even if you don’t think you need glasses, if you haven’t had an eye exam for a while, head over to Specsavers and book one in – it’s actually kinda important to keep on top of your eye health to monitor for any changes 😉

Tell me, do you wear specs already? Love playing with your frames? Or see it as a hinderance to your personal style? I’d love to know what you think – and tell me which glasses you think suit me the best!!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,


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