I can see all the pear-shaped ladies going “tell me more!” and all the shorties out there saying “nah, not for me” BUT WAIT! As always, I’m a missive advocate of the idea that anyone can wear ANYTHING, it’s all in how you put it together and style it.

Wide-leg pants are no different. Wearing them well no matter what your shape or size is all about the silhouette you create with your whole outfit.

Wide-leg pants are definitely making a comeback (although long live the skinny jean right?) so I wanted to give you guys some expert tips and tricks on how to wear them in your everyday life, regardless of your shape. So here’s how you do it!

1. It’s ALL about proportion

Because we are adding fullness to the bottom half our bodies, we need to keep the top half really slimline and neat. This means a fitted top, and also tucking it in yes, don’t be scared. I said tuck in…..

The pants should be fairly high-waisted too so they will cover your tummy, which leads to my next point about proportion….


2. The higher the waist, the longer your legs will look

This is an optical illusion that comes with playing with how you wear things. The higher the waist of the pants, the higher up it looks like your hips are, and your legs start, therefore making your legs look longer!

If you’re still not a fan of wearing something fitted on top, at least tuck your top into the waist – again, this emphasises that long-legged look again.


3. If in doubt, add a heel

Sorry ladies, I hate to say it, but sometimes you just gotta add a heel to make things look that wee bit better! This is especially true if you are smaller-than-the-average-bear.

A heel obviously adds to the ‘making of the legs looking longer” idea, so if you do try a pair on, and they don’t seem right, see what adding a heel does to the look.

Oh, and I don’t even want to hear anyone complaining about having to take pants up that are too long! I know it is a pain, but imagine if the made all pants to fit the shortest people, then no one taller than you could ever even buy them. They need to make pants longer, so as to fit as many people as they can – get in touch with a good tailor and get them hem chopped. Simple.

4. Give yourself time to get used to this look

Sometimes all it takes is a few goes to get used to something that looks different from the norm. SO many times, clients have put something on in a change-room, not been too sure right away, but then warmed to the look (remember when we all hated skinny jeans?)

It really is about getting your brain used to seeing a silhouette that is a little different from what it is used to seeing, but trust me, you will be used to it, and rocking the wide leg pant look in no time!


Styling note: I know I’m wearing culottes in a few of these images, but they are basically a shorter version of a wide-leg pant. The same styling theories apply to both 😉


So now that I’ve convinced you to give them a go, here are a few pairs of wide leg pants you can get your hands on right now in store on online…..

SHOP THE PANTS (l-r): Decjuba torquay pants $119.95 | H&M wideleg pants $29.99 | Asos.com wide leg bird print pants $85 | Country Road satin wide leg pants $259 | Sacha Drake jersey wide leg pants $169(AUD)


Don’t let your shape or your height ever stop you from wearing something you like! (But at the same time, if wide-leg pants are not you, that’s TOTALLY ok too!)

Remember, these are WIDE LEG pants, they are not going to make anyone’s legs look skinny, but you can still look amazing and classy and elegant and sophisticated in them, trust me.

The slim-fitting top is my number one tip. Get that right and you are half way there!

What are you thoughts on this trend? Something you’d like to try? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to know.

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,

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