Have you ever noticed how a perfectly styled outfit and a beautifully decorated room can both evoke the same feeling of satisfaction? That’s no coincidence. Whether you’re piecing together an outfit or designing a living space, the underlying principles of styling are surprisingly similar.

Let’s delve into the fascinating world of “rules” (and how to cleverly break them) that govern both style and interiors, thanks to the experts at Target Furniture.

Style Fundamentals: More Than Just Clothes

In fashion, a few classic rules can elevate your style game:

  • The 3 Colour Rule: A simple yet effective guideline is to limit your outfit to three colours. This creates a cohesive look without being overwhelming. Your base colour often takes up most of the outfit, a secondary colour adds depth, and an accent colour provides pops of interest. Let’s have a look at an example…. In this outfit, WHITE becomes the base colour, I’ve used accents of red to add depth by contrasting the white, and then the navy stripe makes the look pop
  • Smart Casual Mastery: This dress code can be tricky, but it’s all about finding the sweet spot between polished and relaxed. Think tailored pieces (like a blazer or chinos) mixed with more casual elements (like a t-shirt or sneakers). The key is to choose high-quality fabrics and well-fitting items. My general rule is to take TWO smart pieces + TWO casual pieces and wear them together, like so…

Interior Design Insights: Creating Harmony at Home

When it comes to interior design, the magic lies in understanding the interplay of:

  • Size & Shape: Just as you wouldn’t wear a top that is the same length as your pants, a room with furniture of the same height feels off-balance. Varying the size and shape of furniture and décor adds visual interest and makes the most of your space.

See how below, the coffee table sits at a different height to the side table, contrasting with the armchair. It gives the eye many different things to look at.

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  • Colour & Texture: Think of your colour palette as the mood setter for your room. Are you going for calm (cool blues and greens), energetic (warm yellows and oranges), sophisticated (neutrals and metallics), or moody (deep jewel tones)? The 70-20-10 rule from graphic design is a great starting point:
    • 70% of your room should feature your dominant colour (walls, large furniture).
    • 20% should be your secondary colour (smaller furniture, rugs).
    • 10% is reserved for your accent colour (throws, pillows, artwork)

This bedroom is such a great example of creating a warm, calm environment using the wood tones and creams accented by the greens.

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  • Texture: Don’t forget to layer in different textures – think smooth, rough, soft, and hard – to make your space feel rich and inviting.

The Art of Contrast: Fashion & Interiors

One principle that bridges both fashion and interiors is the power of contrast.

Pair a bright jacket with a neutral outfit, or a sharper bedhead with a rounder shape in a bedside table (SHOP THE LOOK: Tilly headboard in charcoal, Adele side table

  • In Fashion: Pairing a flowy skirt with a structured top, or a bright accessory with a neutral outfit, creates a dynamic and eye-catching look.
  • In Interiors: Mixing round furniture with square, hard lines with soft curves, and organic shapes with geometric ones adds depth and personality to a room.

Breaking the Rules: A Stylish Rebellion

While rules provide a foundation, knowing when and how to break them is where the true artistry lies.

A monochromatic outfit can work in fashion and furniture (SHOP THE LOOK: Oslo dining table, dark + Vintage dining chair, grey

  • Fashion: A monochromatic outfit can be incredibly chic, or you might find that four colours work perfectly together. Trust your instincts and experiment!
  • Interiors: Maybe you want a maximalist explosion of colour or a minimalist haven in white. It’s your space – let your personality shine through.

Bringing it All Together

The secret to a cohesive look, whether in fashion or interiors, is to have a unifying element. This could be a colour palette, a repeating shape, or a common texture. When each item has something in common with another, it creates a sense of harmony and completeness.

So next time you’re getting dressed or redecorating your home, remember that styling is all about balance, contrast, and expressing yourself. With a bit of practice, you’ll be a master at creating looks – both on yourself and in your living spaces – that are uniquely you.

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