I have a few pairs of shoes. Ok, I have quite a few pairs of shoes. OK I have A LOT of shoes. But I always seem to gravitate towards the same couple of pairs depending on the weather/what I’ wearing/ what I’m doing etc .

i love shoes

Last year I found myself in the same shoe-rut so I set my self a challenge – I had to wear a DIFFERENT pair of shoes every day for 7 days. Here are the results from last year; Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 & 6 (I got lazy) and Day 7

day 1 of my 7-day shoe challenge last year

day 1 of my 7-day shoe challenge last year (I can’t promise these won’t make an appearance again this year!)

So it’s that time of year again! It’s time for the 7-day shoe challenge – are you with me? Good! Starting tomorrow – we have 7 days to wear 7 different pairs of shoes (slipper and runners don’t count, you can wear them multiple times). 

HOW YOU GET INVOLVED: I want you to do this with me – so I’d love you to;

  • post pics on my Facebook page here
  • tweet me here and use the hashtag #cait7dayshoes
  • and on instagram, tag me (@chasingcait) or use the hashtag #cait7dayshoes
  • email me your pics and I’ll post them – caitlin@chasingcait.com

The aim is to get you thinking about EVERYTHING in your wardrobe, not just your regular go-to items. Start your look with your shoes each morning, it’s a different way of thinking about what you wear but it helps you change it up a little!

Autumn is the perfect time to start this challenge – the weather hasn’t COMPLETELY turned on us yet! There are still chances to squeeze in one more wear of those summer sandals, but you can also start to pull out your winter-weight shoes – trainers, ankle boots and loafers will all be huge!

Are you with me?


Cait xo


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