There are very few items I believe are universally useful in the majority of wardrobes (we all have such varying styles, shapes, sizes and requirements).

BUT the humble wrap dress is about as close as it gets to a wardrobe must-have.

There are so many variations of the wrap dress to choose from, there is something out there for everyone.

Not to mention it’s such a classic style, its not going anywhere anytime soon, so a good wrap dress is definitely worth looking for.

Chasing Cait Anatomy of a Wrap dress
Wrap it Up in the Little Party Dress “Cate” Wrap Dress $69.95 (Aus $) 
I’m wearing the size 12, true to size. This dress will be back in stock in the next week or so.
Chasing Cait Anatomy of a Wrap dress
Chasing Cait Anatomy of a Wrap dress

Why I love a good wrap dress

It fits to you – you don’t have to fit into it.

Even if there is no stretch in the fabric, it still wraps around your body, so you have control over the fit of it.

Tie it as tight, or a loose around your body as you like. You can even tie the two ties together at the front and wear it semi-open over another dress or pants.

They are great for breast-feeding.

Now I know that not all of you are breast-feeding (that would be weird if we ALL were haha) but some of you are (myself included) and some of you may in the future.

A wrap dress has the easiest access ever! Even if the fabric doesn’t have stretch, just wear a slip underneath you can pull down and voila – milk on tap 😉

Chasing Cait Anatomy of a Wrap dress

The make the best travel companions.

A wrap dress is the prefect item to pack on most holidays (or even work travels). They are very versatile and can be dressed up and down as needed on your trip.

If you can find an awesome style in a stretch jersey (like the Sacha Drake one below), you won’t even need to iron it! Bonus right?

My Favourites

So now that we know how good a wrap dress can be, here are a few of my faves you can get your hands on right now….

Chasing Cait Anatomy of a Wrap dress
Top row l-r: Boutique polka dot wrap dress $55.00 | Little Party Dress “Mandy” wrap dress $59.95 (AUD) | Max “Dana” wrap dress $59.99 (on sale) | Birdsnest Boho Bird “Life is Beautiful” wrap dress $119.95 (AUD) |
Bottom row: Leina Broughton jersey “Shelley” knee length dress $259.00 (AUD) | Sacha Drake “Danerys” maxi wrap dress $299 (AUD)| Decjuba “Hazel” ruffle wrap dress $134.90

Even if dresses aren’t really your thing, a wrap dress is always a good place to start. They are classic, easy to wear and usually easy to iron (read: you don’t need to).

Tell me, are you a fan of the old wrap dress? Where is your favourite from?

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,