I’m all about making style easy everyday, it’s kinda been my thing for over a decade. But skincare? Well I’ve always had a bit of a rocky relationship with my skin… and I’ve never really nailed down how to manage and care for it perfectly.

This is me. Makeup free. And finally in a happy place with my skin.

I had acne as a teenager, like bad. Like confidence-shattering. And it only got worse in my 20’s when it spread to my back and my chest.

I even remember my friends mum coming over once, and asking if I was ill, like with the chickenpox or something, nope – just TERRIBLE, cystic acne.

AND on top of that, my skin has always been oily, like really oily. And so from a young age, I thought that I had to scrub, and strip, and cleanse the crap out of my skin with formulas full of chemicals, and ingredients I couldn’t say – let alone spell.

And to be honest, this thought process carried on long into my 30’s too!

Two pregnancies seemed to have help regulate the acne, and I now very rarely get a pimple (but man it allllll comes back when I do!) BUT my skin is still oily, with a random strip of dryness in the middle now (hormones are killing me right?)

Who knew it was the simplest things that could be the best for your skin?

It’s only been in the last year that I’ve really started to think more about what I’m putting on my skin, and actually what is happening to my skin as a result of those products. And I’ve definitely found myself taking a gentler approach to my skin.

No more scrubbing, and striping and chemicals with big names. I hate that tight feeling when you “cleanse” your skin with a product that strips all the natural oils.

The penny finally dropped when I watched Rachel Hunter’s “Tour Of Beauty” program on Tv, she just kept talking about how amazing natural oils were, for any skin type. And I started to really look at what I was putting on my skin.

So when the gorgeous team at Tailor skincare asked me if I wanted to have a play with their range, it seemed like the perfect synergy of what I wanted in a skincare brand.

I couldn’t say no.

This beautiful skincare range is not only cruelty free, and eco-conscious but it’s also made right here in New Zealand.

But what’s so good about it?

Their philosophy on beauty:

I went straight to the top…..

At Tailor, we believe beauty is about mindfulness, self love, confidence and your daily self care regime using beautiful products that do the very best for your skin and wellbeing.

We’re passionate about optimising your skin health journey with our scientifically proven, effective Tailor Skincare range because skincare is self care. We create concentrated, highly active ingredient blends designed to be combined with our natural, cruelty-free base products. Each formulation is blended with precision for every skin concern at every age.

Sara Quilter – Founder, Tailor Skincare

Their Ingredients:

They source ingredients from nature that work in synergy with the skin’s natural process to renew, detoxify and brighten. Their natural active ingredients are effective in nurturing, nourishing and protecting your skin.

They use high quality ingredients from suppliers they know and trust, including locally sourced natives kanuka essential oil and kowhai extract, and certified organic Āluān raw coconut oil made from renewable fair trade sources in Indonesia.

How Tailor has changed my skincare routine.

I mean, all of the products are amazing, but there is one that stands out for me – the Break Up Make Up Kit, which contains the Tailor Oil Cleanse and the Tailor Towel (it is also really affordable at $39 for the kit!)

Basically, you rub the oil straight onto a full face of makeup (yup, even waterproof mascara) and then with the towel (wet) you just wipe the oil off.

Tailor Skincare Break Up Make Up Kit $39


Next, just a little bit more oil…. because, you know, is there ever too much of a good thing?

Renew is a probiotic serum to use morning and night. This power-packed product is lightweight and can be used to treat redness, acne or as an anti-aging serum (sign me up for all three!)

Tailor “Renew” serum 30mls $69


Lightweight, non-greasy moisturiser that I can use day AND night is the holy grail in my eyes. And Tailor delivers the goods. Moisture is suitable for all skin types and has been dermatologically tested to be gentle even on the most sensitive skin.

But it still feels like its actually hydrating my skin good and proper.

Tailor “Moisture” day and night moisturiser 100mls $59

I’m so excited by how my skin is already lapping up all this gorgeous product, and I can’t wait to show you more of my skincare journey over the next few months too!

Want to join the #tailortribe too? GET 15% off your very own Tailor skincare with the code CAITLIN at checkout on their website (not available on sale or packs) – enjoy!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,

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