I can’t believe I just typed the word “Christmas”! How is it here already!

They say each year goes faster as you get older, but could it just slow-up a little so I can catch up? I’m still back in July right?

Well whether I’m ready or not, Christmas is less than a MONTH away so it really is time to start thinking about the gift-giving list. Now I realise that every man and his dog (who now also has a blog apparently) will be doing a gift guide, but I like to think that I know you guys pretty well, so this gift guide will be full of things that you’d actually like to give (and receive!) so here we go….

Glasshouse Bora Bora Candle $54.95


You really can’t go wrong with an amazing candle. If ALL I got was candles for Christmas, I would be one happy lady. Bora Bora has such a fresh, summer scent to it, but I love the whole Glasshouse collection, there is a smell for everyone.

Boh Runga XOX ring from The Mint Republic $79.00


You should check out all the jewellery on The Mint Republic website if your gift-receiver is a jewellery wearing, so many beautiful pieces for different budgets. I love this little hugs and kisses ring. It could be sweet for your BFF, sister, daughter or mumma. Cute and sweet, without being tacky or naff don’t you think?

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium EDT 50ml $140 


I’m such a smells girl (can you tell?) I love getting a new fragrance for Christmas, it’s a cool way to mark the next year, starting it off with a new scent. Now this is going to sound really weird, but the scent is described as citrus and floral, with a coffee and musk undertone (well they explain it far more creatively than that!) – let me tell you, it really is divine!

There is something that I can’t describe about it, but to me it definitely smells like Christmas!

A Chasing Cait gift Voucher

ChasingCaitChristmasGiftGuide_3_gift voucher

Oh what a great idea! (shameless plug I know). But really. Do you have a friend or family member that is feeling a little “meh” about their style? Why not treat them to a day ALL ABOUT THEM, and let me show them the tools to look good and feel great! (or if you want a session, hint you your friends and family that this would be the perfect present for you too!).

All my styling packages are available as a gift voucher, so pop on over here to see prices and services.

TYPO notebook $14


I’m OBSESSED with writing (duh!) so I love the feel of cracking open a new notebook to write down an idea, or a list (my mother has instilled list-making in my dna). This kind of gift is great if you are on a budget, but still want to give someone something meaningful. You could even write them an inscription in the front of the notebook, that way, when they open it, they’ll always think of you.

Flamingo coasters from Etsy $30

ChasingCaitChristmasGiftGuide_flamingoCoastersHow could I have a Chasing Cait gift guide without the obligatory flamingo inclusion! I love these little nifty coasters from my fave craft site, Etsy. A great gift for someone who has just bought a house, or who likes to throw parties and entertain, or just someone who loves flamingos (know anyone?)

Here’s the wrap up (hee hee, get it? Wrap?)…. ehm.

Chasing Cait's Christmas Gift Guide

STUFF IT IN YOUR STOCKING: 1. Boh Runga XOX ring $79 | 2. YSL Black Opium Fragrance $140 | 3. Typo notebook $14 | 4. Chasing Cait personal styling gift voucher | 5. Flamingo coasters from Etsy $30 | 6. Glasshouse candle from Redcurrent $54.95 

What takes your fancy? I’m putting them all on my Christmas list this year (well maybe not the styling package, I get mates rates anyway).

Until Next Time, In Style & Love Always,


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