So I’m popping back across the ditch to visit my family in Brisbane for a few days. Booked the ticket a few weeks ago, “nah… I won’t need check in, I’ll just carry on…” HELLO!? Have I met me?!?! I can’t take just carry-on for ONE night away let alone 5!

Then The Boy suggested that maybe there’s a blog post lurking somewhere in this mess. Challenge set. Challenge accepted.

The GOOD thing about BrisVegas is that I’m staying with my mum and dad, so won’t need to worry about all those things that seem to just add huge amounts of weight and take up all the room in luggage; hair-dryer, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste. So toiletries-wise I’m sorted.

The other good thing about this trip is that it’s just a quick visit to see family, so no super-special occasions requiring me to frock up (or even wear heels for that matter) so that limits the need to pack too much.

Ok, enough waffling…. let’s cut to the chase. How did I do! Well this is what I’m packing…..

I still can't believe that this is ALL I'm taking for 5 days away

I still can’t believe that this is ALL I’m taking for 5 days away

  •  2 jersey dresses (1 maxi, 1 short)
  • 2 cotton dresses (1 loose, 1 fitted)
  • 1 top (will go with jeans and skirt)
  • 1 maxi skirt
  • 1 printed jean
  • 2 pair shoes – sandals (rather than jandals/thongs) and trainers
  • 2 necklaces – 1 one gold to match with the gold sandals and 1 blue to match with EVERYTHING






Even better, I will wear the maxi skirt, top and trainers on the plane (I may cheat at wear a denim jacket on the plane too..shhhhhh)

So on top of those clothes for me, add my SMALL bag of toiletries, my undies for 5 days, a nighty and a dress I’m lending one of my besties (yup, I even still lend my clothes to Aussie mates from NZ haha!) But you don’t really need to see pics of them.


So I asked myself a few questions when working out what to pack

  • what is the weather/temperature like?
  • what activities am I doing?
  • who am I going to see?
  • what colour palette will I choose (in this case, blue and gold)
  • what items can be worn multiple ways (ie with different tops/bottoms etc)

These little q’s all helped narrow down what I REALLY needed and just what I thought I’d better take ‘just in case’. So I got rid of all the ‘just in case’ items and just packed the things I really needed…. do you think I will survive 5 days??

Ok, better scoot, off to the airport right now……..

Cait xo


Well I’m back from Brisbane and I DID IT!!!! (in fact I didn’t even wear everything I took) However, I may have done a little bit of shopping while I was over there which resulted in my having to check in my carry-on bag haha!!

One pair converse slims and two pair Target boots may have pushed my hand luggage allowance over the limit.....

My carry on luggage…… PLUS one pair converse slims and two pair Target boots. They may have pushed my hand luggage allowance over the limit…..


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