I think this top has to be hands down, my favourite top. And from the comments I get from you guys on some of my #everydaystyle posts, it’s one of your favourites too!

I own the Portmans knit in both black and white – so both feature in this post – I just love the detail in the back don’t you?


No I’m going to be a bit mean and tell you that it’s currently sold out BUT I have it on good authority that it very well may be back for the Spring – so watch this space for details…..ALSO – you don’t have to have this EXACT top to replicate the looks I’m about to show you,  I will give you some good alternatives at the end of the post, I promise!

So in the mean time, let’s talk about how to wear a knit top three different ways!

With Jeans

This seems the obvious way, but it works! Use scarves or a vest to create some more interest. The lightweight weave of the knit gives it some shape over your body so you can wear it slightly looser over a slimmer jean. (so this is obviously the white version)



With a Skirt

Now this does go against the principles of dressing to suit your shape (but at the same time it’s fun to break the rules every now and then). If you are going to wear a longer knit with a skirt – it has to be a short(ish) skirt, otherwise the proportions of the garments won’t work and it will drag you down.



With Printed Pants

So we know that a) I LOVE printed pants and b) I love this knit top – so what better way than to wear them together!

This is perfect outfit for Spring – the knit is light enough not to get too hot when the sun is out, but if it’s a little on the chilly side still, add a merino camisole underneath and whack on an ankle boot and you’ll be toasty!

photo 2


Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 1.34.25 pm

I know it’s a little tricky to see under the jacket, but it becomes a great layering piece. Because it’s longer at the back than at the front, you have some interest to your outfit without it being too long and frumpy-lookin in the front.

photo 3

So here are three of the best longline knit tops out there at the moment – remember you can wear these exactly the same ways as the one’s I’ve suggested above.

longline knits

SHOP THE LOOK: 1. Witchery spliced zip knit $109.00 | 2. Portmans ribbed knit $69.95 | 3. Wite weekend knit from birdsnest.com.au $69.95

So if it’s black or white, with pants or a skirt, there is a whole bunch of ways to get use out of a longline, lightweight knit. Have a go!

Have I missed any ideas? How would YOU wear it – tell me in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you

Until Next Time,

In Love & Style Always