So I have to admit this is kinda a cheats version of 1 item, 3 ways because this dress is actually designed to be convertible!

From one of my favourites, Sacha Drake, The Catelyn Dress is a dress that a) comes in two parts (a separate skirt and a tunic-piece that goes on top) and b) can be worn multiple ways which is totally why I have chosen it as one of the items in The Chasing Cait Shop (you can check it out here)

But before you say, oh that’s too hard, it’s really not! PLUS think of all the different wearing options you have (as well as all the different ways to style it like I’m about to show you!)

To get the low-down on the dress first, check out this video – wear it which ever way you like the most, and which suites your body the best….

So, now that you’ve worked out which way(s) you’re going to tie it, here are three different ways to style it.

Loose and relaxed

Boho Catelyn Dress

SHOP IT: The Catelyn Dress from Sacha Drake $310 (NZD)

Don’t do anything with the dress, just whack it on. I haven’t tied the tie or anything, I’ve just left it loose. Because of the gorgeous drape in the fabric, it falls beautifully plus you have the double layer of the skirt underneath. Comfy, casual and easy to wear

Cool and casual

Catelyn dress casual

SHOP IT: The Catelyn Dress from Sacha Drake $310 (NZD)

Because of the comfy, relaxed fabric, this dress has so much versatility! It dresses down perfectly for the weekend (or even casual Friday at work). I’ve just tied the two tunic-pieces at the front, and then wrapped then around the back, leaving the skirt exposed – you can always make the skirt longer if you wanted more coverage too.

Glam it up

Catelyn dress glam

SHOP IT: The Catelyn Dress from Sacha Drake $310 (NZD)

This is the obvious way to wear this dress, but that doesn’t make it any less cool that you can wear it this way. I’ve buttoned both pieces of the tunic up to the top to create the drape and then added a belt. Simple as that!


Sizes 8-18 (true to size, I wear a 12)
Machine Washable (it’s made from a gorgeous silky jersey fabric)
No ironing required! (the perfect travel dress!)
Australian Made

This dress really is the only black dress you’ll need in your wardrobe! So useful, so versatile, perfect for travel and such a great style that will never date! So what are you still doing here! Head on over to The Chasing Cait Shop and get yours before your size runs out!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,