I think one of the most frustrating thing about shopping  is when you go on a hunt for a specific thing and you can NEVER FIND IT when you are looking for it! I was just this second flicking through the latest Shop Til You Drop magazine (I have a slight obsession with fashion mags, but that’s a story for another post) and I noticed that high-waisted, flared jeans are hot again this winter. I have the perfect pair of them!! Excite my life!!

So now my mission is to, and I quote; “find a soft, subtle top in a fine fabric that you can tuck into the top of them with out adding too much bulk” The words ‘easier said than done’ immediately sprung into my mind, BUT it is a look that I can definitely work (I have the height to get away with a high-waisted, flared jean) So I’m going on a shopping mission!

I thought it would be fun to take you on the mission with me – so this post will be slightly different. It might take a little while to get it up onto the blog but I will document my whole mission, how long it takes and the final result for you! I am on a VERY limited budget (again, reasons will be revealed in an upcoming post) but here is the mission that was finding that thing that I really want (well this week anyway)…..

Friday Feb 18, 2011, 5:36pm: I first spot the article in the March Shop Til You Drop – I can do that trend! In fact I have just the top that will do it, and the shoes to go under the jeans! No wait, the top and shoes are SLIGHTLY different colours but enough of the same to look too matchy- matchy together, so oh well, must get a new top (damn). Page of mag is torn out and attached to pin board that holds my wish list of all things wonderful. Here starts the mission (and the idea for the blog).

All kinds of wrong for me! (but still a lovely top)

Sunday Feb 20, 11:31am: Have a Witchery voucher to spend (thanks Em!)  and time on my hands so thought I would try my luck in Witchery up the road. The voucher will help with my limited budget and I know that Witchery will still have a good sale on. Flicking through the racks, I spy a few possible options. So with arms loaded up with tops I hit the change rooms. The first top is nice, but the bottom of it would not have tucked into high-waisted jeans well so that was a no (remember I’m shopping with purpose!).

The second top – pictured on the right, I should not have even tried on!!  Whoa, it’s one of those things that you know will not suit you but you continue to torture yourself, and make yourself feel fat and ugly (even though we all know we are not right girls!?!) by trying them on every time you see them. This is a gorgeous top, but it has a straight-across neckline (fail) thin straps (fail) and a pull tie that will sit on the hip, not showing off the waist (fail fail fail) NONE OF THESE THINGS SUIT ME!! And what is worse, I KNOW they don’t suit me but I pick it up anyway! Sheesh! So number 2 was a no.

Eureka!! The perfect top!

Number three was not normally a colour I would pick out to wear. It’s not a crisp white, which is generally best for me, it’s more an ivory (thanks to the boy for working out the colour for me…beige? bone? off white?). Deep v-neck (very flattering for my bust), thick straps, actually you would say its more of a sleeveless blouse (so good to wear a normal bra under), a neutral colour (which will work with the dark denim of the jeans and either the rust or olive wedges I want to wear with them), and will tuck perfectly into high waisted jeans. I can’t believe my luck! I do a double take in the mirror to make sure that this blouse is as perfect as I thought it was!

This NEVER happens! That was the whole point of this blog post! When you have a specific item in mind it’s

Only the start of the savings! I paid $17.45 in the end

always such an effort to find it, especially in that short amount of time! But the best bit about it? It cost me $17.45 reduced from $129.95 – I kid you not, look at the price tag! With the combination of sale, Witchery Card membership, (25% off in store) and my gift voucher I forked out less than $20 to find the perfect top!

Although this was all waaaaaay to easy, something isn’t right here, now it has me thinking that maybe it isn’t the perfect top after all!? I’ve been tricked, missions don’t come to and end just like that – so maybe I should just keep a look out anyway for another perfect top……now where are my car keys, I’m still on a mission!

Have you ever gone on a mission for that perfect thing? Did you find it? Was it easy or impossible to find? (Or did you buy up the rest of the store instead!)