Short and sweet on a Sunday morning – just thought I’d give you an update on the nails that changed my life! (See the original post here)

So it’s been well over a week since I got my nails Shellac-ed. I am in love. I have painted, sanded, packed boxes, done the washing up by hand, vacuumed, showered several times and NO CHIPS OR PEELING!!

I’m totally not sick of the colour either! It’s quite a nice refreshing pop of colour for my mostly black and grey winter wardrobe actually.

One down-side, because my nails grown pretty fast, they have grown out a long way and the bottom of the polish (near my cuticle) is starting to peel off a little, especially when I run my hands through my hair – but that is only one small little downside.

So what do they look like on day 10?……..

Not a mark on them! (Sorry it's a little blurry - no coffee this morning)

Still incredibly happy with the nails that changed my life haha! Thanks again Eagle Nails at Toowong!!

Now the only question is, what colour next??