Now I’m sure you already know how much I love my black ankle boots from Django & Juliette, I mean I practically wore them EVERYDAY this Winter!

But now that Spring is on its way (oh and I’ve popped across the ditch for 6 weeks) I’ll be pulling out some of my other favourite ankle boots – the NUDE ankle boot.

nude boot

These little beauties are a great transeasonal piece – wear them with your pants/jeans when it’s still chilly and rainy, but they also work really well with certain summer frocks because they aren’t as heavy as a black boot.

So here are three ways to wear a Nude Ankle Boot…. (mine are the gorgeous Tayla boots from Country Road – get them here)

cufffed jeans ankle boots

With Cuffed Jeans – I often find that ankle boots and jeans are a hard combination to get right – do you tuck in? Do you wear the jeans over the top? So my solution to that was just to roll up my jeans enough for the boots to sit underneath them!

This is a great Spring option – it’s not so cold anymore, but a bit of foot coverage is required. A nude boot also helps lighten up your outfit so you aren’t wearing heavy, dark black into the warmer months.

I’m wearing a more relaxed style of boyfriend jean here, but the same principle applies for your skinny jeans too!

in between seasons

In between seasons – It’s not quite sandals weather, but tights and boots just seem to much. Throw on you nude ankles boots with bare legs and you’ve hit the transseasonal nail right on the head.

The nude boot will blend into your legs more than a dark boot so it makes your legs look longer and slimmer (never a bad thing right?) plus as above, you can make your clothes the statement, and just have a neutral shoe that doesn’t draw away from your outfit.

I know it's a mirror selfie - but don't hold that against me, I hate them too - but you get the idea right?

I know it’s a mirror selfie – but don’t hold that against me, I hate them too – but you get the idea right?

With chambray – by nature, chambray is normally quite a light coloured fabric and once again, sometimes a dark shoe or boot can look to heavy with it.

This is my go-to plane outfit at the moment – the pants and comfy and have a stretchy waist band, and the boots are lightweight and easy to take off (they didn’t even beep going through security – bonus!)

You could also substitute the chambray pants for a chambray or denim dress to the same effect. The light boots work really well with the light coloured fabrics.


Seed Heritage dress $129.95 + Country Road boots $199.00

Have you got a pair of nude ankle boots? How do you wear yours? or if you don’t are you willing to give them a go now? Tell me in the comments below

Until Next Time,
In Style & Love Always (from Brisbane!)
Cait xoxo


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