“I just want to know how to hide my tummy”

“I really hate my tummy, how can I disguise it”

“I don’t like how my tummy looks in this”

“but you can see my tummy”

These are just four of the statements I’ve heard from women in the past few weeks. The NUMBER ONE BODY PART women want to know how to hide is their tummy.
Everyone wants their tummy to be smaller, flatter, slimmer.
This is MY tummy.
It’s grown 3 babies – in 5 years
at 16 weeks pregnant with my 3rd, my ovary collapsed and I needed emergency abdominal surgery to save mine, and my baby’s life.
My tummy carries the scars from recovering from that surgery as it grew a human in it.
It’s stretched, and contracted many times over.
Oh, and I like wine and cheese.
And I’m 42.


My tummy isn’t flat. My tummy isn’t small. But I tell you what my tummy is.


MY TUMMY IS NORMAL. And I never let it stop me wearing what I love.


It’s breaks my heart that people are constantly wishing they looked different.


That they don’t realise that they are perfectly imperfect just as they are.


It’s ok for tummies to be soft, to be round, to be saggy, to be scarred.


Why do we think a flat tummy the only acceptable tummy to be seen?


Everyone has a tummy, big or small, so can we stop agonising over this one body part for just a second and think about our body functions as a whole?


Who cares if you can see your tummy in that dress, do you love the colour or the fabric?
Who cares if your jeans make your tummy pop out a little (mine do, and they are still my FAVE jeans ever)
Who cares if you don’t wear SPANX under everything (I certainly don’t)


Don’t you think it’s time we all accept that ALL tummies are OK?


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