Chillaxing in fiji…. sorry, just had to rub it in

Oh hi. Remember me? Nope, me either. So turns out that moving countries is one of THE most exhausting, time-consuming, intense, stressful, relationship-testing, amazing, fun things you can do! Doesn’t leave much time for writing blog posts though…..

So in the last 6 weeks I have packed up my whole life in Australia, scored an awesome job in New Zealand, hopped on a plane and MOVED to New Zealand, hopped on another plane and managed to have a cheeky holiday in Fiji, return to New Zealand, start my first day at new job, end up in the accident and emergency on a drip with a tummy bug before first day of new job is out, move into new home, supervise arrival of furniture from Oz, unpack said furniture, try and get my head around new job, house, country, public transport system, pop back to Oz for a wedding over a long weekend and now, finally, I am here, writing a WELL overdue blog.

So hello, sorry it’s been so long but I’m back – nice to see you.

Did I mention it’s cold in New Zealand?!? (I did? Oh sorry, my bad) IT’S COLD IN NEW ZEALAND!!! Not only do I not really like the cold (something I maybe should have thought about a little more before deciding to move my life here), the cold has now rendered approximately 3/4 of my wardrobe useless!!

I love dresses, summer dresses, maxi dresses, COTTON DRESSES!! Nobody makes friends with cotton dresses in NZ! (although I have made very good friends with my winter coat). Dresses with tights, socks, boots, a long sleeved top underneath, a leather jacket on top, a trench coat on top of that, oh and a scarf – those kinds of dresses kinda work here. Kinda. Mostly I just wear trackies.

Also. I have a lot of shoes. This fact only really sank in when I had to find a place to put them all…. this is what that process looks like….

OMG! They multiplied in the boxes on the way over the Tasman!!

Don’t worry, I eventually found room for them all… there is even space for a few more pairs!! (oh hi honey…. I didn’t mean that. Yes you are right, I really do have enough shoes…..)

So too many shoes and not enough dresses…. what is a good Aussie girl to do?!!? Pinterest. I started a wee old Pinterest board called “Winter Looks” a while back. (Although what I didn’t start, and really need, was a Pinterest board call “Winter Looks When it Rains”). Here are a few of my favourite pins from my board. I will be using them for inspiration during these cooler months…

Click on the pic to go to my Pinterest board

Where do you go for inspriation when you are fresh out of things to wear (yet frustratingly, have a wardrobe full of clothes)? Are you a “pinner”, do you stalk street-style blogs or read fashion mags to get some new ideas? (Can I check all of the above?)

Let me know…

Missed you!

Cait x