So I think I know quite a lot about fashion, I’ve been in the industry the better part of a decade (I feel old when I say it like that!). I think that I can recognise and appreciate trends even if I can’t wear them personally, I even think I’m pretty good at spotting a trend quite early on (I have been wearing maxi dresses for yeeeeeeears – way before they were cool!) BUT there are a few ‘trends’ and I say that with VERY BIG inverted commas, that I just do. not. understand. Can someone help me out with these?

What NOT to do (image from goggle images)

You all know what I am going to say as numero uno (so say it with me again people!)…..


Do I really need to say anything else? I’m thinking of changing the name of my blog to Leggings Are Not Pants (oh wait! someone has beat me to it – have you seen this site? CLASSIC!) Now don’t get me wrong, I will be rocking the leggings all winter (I don’t do jeans remember) but I will always ALWAYS make sure that you cannot tell if I’m wearing my pink striped Bonds undies or not before I leave the house. Ladies if you are going to wear leggings this winter/spring – make sure the top/dress you are wearing is one that you would be comfortable wearing WITHOUT leggings too – that is the simplest way to tell if your leggings are acting as leggings or in lieu of pants.


Toeless wedge ankle boots - not a fan

Well are you cold or not? Why are you wearing boots with your toes sticking out? I just don’t understand!! (Now this also may hark back to my fear of showing too much toe. I have ‘dancers feet’ – read: ugly toes so especially when I was younger, I always used to hate showing too much of my toes.) That may be one reason that I don’t understand this current fashion, but add a wedge and make it an ankle boot and it is ALLLLLLL sorts of wrong! The boy and I went to dinner tonight in our local foodie area (Rosalie for those of you who know BrisVegas) and there was a whole table of toeless-shoe-boot-thingy-wearing young ladies. As a boy he thinks they are ugly, as a fashion lover I think they are ugly, but maybe it’s one of those ‘I’m too old for this sh*t’ type of things.

I should also mention the flip-side to this fashion crime – uggs in public – really?!?! Again at said dinner, we counted as many ugg boots making an outing as toeless booties! What, are you just showing the rest of us how cool you are because you can get dressed all the way down to your feet and then you just don’t care anymore?? They are SLIPPERS people, they do not leave the house! That’s all.

OK, that’s enough negative energy – here are some things about fashion that I LOVE!

HIGH HEELS My very own 'Dorothy' shoes. Christian Louboutin pumps - LOVES!

MAXI DRESSES - This little Gucci number is on my 'yeah right' list but a girl can dream can't she?

STATEMENT RINGS - I have skinny fingers, big rings make them look not-so-skinny

What fashion ‘trends’ don’t you understand?

And then to make you feel all warm and fuzzy, what are you favourite fashion things?