So this is just a quick post to prove that even us fashion industry ‘experts’ can get it wrong sometimes! I was looking for some cool pants for winter that I could wear around the house, but also to uni and on the weekends. Preferably not jeans, me and jeans are not friends. I also bought a fun pair of ankle boots yesterday and I wanted a lighter colour pant to match with them as I think black will be too much of a contrast.

My new boots. Rubi shoes $59.95

Enter these pants…. I’m not going to say where they are from because this post is not about how crap these pants are, it’s more to show you that everyone gets things wrong in the change rooms – even me!!

We all have different body shapes so the same clothes will look different on every body. These pants just show off the bits that I usually try to hid (my thighs) and make me look short (if that is possible). On another body shape, (or in a different colour or fabric) these pants would look amazing!

The point of me showing you this is to let you  know not to be disheartened by change room mishaps (or in this case!!). Not everything is going to look amazing right away (or at all) but that is no excuse to stop looking! Sometimes you need to try things with a belt, or the right pants, or a higher pair of heels to get the full effect of how it is going to look its best.

So don’t give up!! (and if you think you can never get it right? give me a call – I’m much better at dressing other people than dressing myself!!)

So here is how I got it OH SO WRONG haha! Yes, go ahead, laugh at my pants, I am!

Oh so wrong!!

I have to say that I did then make myself fell much better by scoring an absolute bargain at Country Road. A black leather belt marked down from $129 to $4.95, yes that is just a 4!! Hopefully next time we talk, I can bring you something else that I got right just so you still believe I know what I am talking about!

What is your latest fashion disaster? How did you over come it? Did you get back on the (clothes) horse?