In case you missed it, I love clothes (and shoes), fashion is my thing, but I am a relative newcomer when it comes to beauty! Sure I can do a pretty good smokey eye when I need to, but I’m not a beauty product fiend and give me a lipstick and I really have no idea what to do (and I think it looks crap on me all the time!) Now I also know that there are a lot of you out there that are in the same boat (ABH you are not one of them so maybe you can give us all a lesson one day!) so I thought that as I branch out and adventure into the world of beauty products, I would take you along for the ride…. hold on!!

Outside my beauty box day 1. Coloured lipstick.

Off I headed to the lovely girls at the M.A.C counter at MYER Brisbane (thanks Michelle – you were awesome, and this is not a sponsored post by the way). “I would like to try some colour on my lips please”. Michelle pulled out three colours for me, all waaaaay out of my ‘clear lip gloss only’ comfort zone! Here are the three colours I tried (I didn’t take a pic of them ON me because a) the lighting in that place is scary and b) my hair wasn’t done ok!? I wish I had now because the pics don’t do them justice, the red was REALLY red and the coral was much brighter, but you get the idea)…..

Playing with colours

So the verdict was in, Vega Volt (the coral one) was the winner (although it still took me a good hour walking around to get used to it, the whole time thinking “are poeple looking at my lips and wondering if I have forgotten to look in the mirror this morning!?”)

However, being the pov full time uni student that I am, $36 was quite a lot to spend on a lippy, so off to Priceline to see if I could match the colour, for half the price. Can I just say though, the girls at M.A.C we SOOOOOO incredibly lovely and when I am rich enough (ie working full time) I will definitely be going to see them for any new makeup needs I have!!

So what did I find?

Models Prefer lipstick in 'After Party' $9.99 and Models Prefer lipliner in 'Nearly Nude' RRP $699 both from Priceline

The colour that I found that was the most similar (although I know it doesn’t really look like it in the pictures – but they are both a coral kinda colour) was called “After Party” from a brand called Models Prefer – it was super-affordable ($9.99 people!) so I thought I would try it.

The other purchase I made was a nude lip liner – now as previously mentioned, I’m not a lippy kinda girl, so I didn’t even have a lip liner, in fact I don’t think I have EVER had a lip liner, and the lovely Michelle from M.A.C did tell me that one is essential when when wearing lippy so I ‘invested’ in that too. Here is the final result……

Mwah! It's growing on me....

Do you like? I think I do….. So that was my first foray into exploring beauty as well as fashion!

Do you have any other beauty trends or tricks you are not sure of and I will investigate for the both of us!!