So the proverbial ‘cleaning out of the shoe closet’ is taking a little longer than I first had hoped so I thought it would be nice to step back in time and re-visit one of my very first posts!

Starting my blog was actually the boys idea – he kept nagging me to “stop talking and write it down!” (isn’t he sweet) whenever I complained about someone wearing leggings as pants, or ugg boots outside. So came the idea of Chasing Cait. Here, in fact, is my very first post. Some of you may have already read it, some of you may have not, but I hope all of you enjoy it!

I’ll be back soon with some brand new things to say!


If you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em!

The amazingly curvy January Jones, Christina Hendrix and Elizabeth Moss from Mad Men

I have curves. I’ve always had curves. Big bust, small waist, big bum – I have been a small size 10, up to almost a 14, I’m most comfortable on the small side of 12 BUT no matter what size I am, I always have curves. The number on the scales and the size in my clothes might vary but my basic body shape doesn’t change – I am the typical hourglass shape and I LOVE it!!

Working in an appearance-focused industry, you tend to pay more attention to bodies – mine, yours, everybody’s body. For some people this might be detrimental to their self-esteem and body image but for me it has been great! It has taught me to deal with what I have, no, more than that – to LOVE what I have!

Now we have to be clear on one thing – CURVY does not mean PLUS SIZE!! You can be a size 8 and have a great set of curves – shape and silhouette are much more important when dressing well than your size.

The Pamela Dress from Brisbane Designer SACHA DRAKE

Shows like Mad Men have brought the focus back to the hourglass shape (hallelujah!!) so now there are quite a few more curve-friendly options out there in mainstream fashion – the best (in my humble option) is Australian fashion label SACHA DRAKE. Now I may be a little bias as I happen to manage her first retail store, but the women that I deal with on a daily basis that walk out the door feeling super about themselves is a great testament to how fabulous this label really is!

The moral of this little tale? Love the body you have (and if you have curves, even better!)

What is your favourite part of your body? What do you do to show it off?