squeeeeee!!!! You cannot wipe the smile off my face! I got to meet Gok!!! I didn’t actually say anything witty, or funny, or intelligent….or anything at all except ‘hello’ really but I got a double-cheek kiss and a photo so I’m totally cool with that!!! But more on my personal encounter later!!

The real Gok Wan


So I was lucky enough to be invited along by Fashionista Events to go and see Gok’s Style Tour at Westfield Garden City earlier today (I wrote about my love of Gok, and the tour previously on the blog here). So armed with my media pass (the novelty of being ‘fashion media’ still HAS NOT worn off!), I wrangled my way through throngs of lovely ladies to my front row seat (I’m just going to keep mentioning my front row seat you know) and got camera ready!

Gok came onto the stage to cheers and whoops from the crowd and got straight into it! “I have an awful hang-over so don’t scream so loud ok?!” he says jokingly. With numerous jokes about the (non-existent) gay nightclub scene in Brisbane (well it was a Monday night) he had the crowd totally on side!

Gok telling jokes (most of which I cannot repeat because my Mum reads this...Hi Mum!)


For the hour that Gok was on stage, he pulled several ladies out of the crowd for live makeovers (he had a styling team back stage), answered questions about fashion, fame and boys (he even answered Nat from Fashionista Event’s question about how he gets his hair so perfect….. the answer started of with “drink a bottle of Gin…..“) and replied to tweets from the audience and from around the world.

Here are some of the results from the live makeovers – Gok just picked lovely ladies out of the crowd, talked about why they wanted a makeover, and sent them backstage to his team of stylists…..


The gorgeous ladies made over (you can see some of their 'before' photos in the background)


So Gok didn’t actually do any of the making over himself, it suppose it would be a little hard to do while trying to be on stage entertaining a crowd – I’m ok with that, I’ve seen him do it numerous times of his TV shows and he certainly knows what he is doing, but I’m sure a few people in the crowd would have been a little disappointed that HE didn’t actually do any of the making-over…. thems the breaks I guess.

Through  the whole event the one thing that really stood out and the thing I really love about Gok is that he is passionate about making women feel GOOD about themselves, and more importantly, feel good about the body they have today, not the body they will have 5, 10, 20kgs lighter.

Aunty Gok telling us all to "get our bangers out and flaunt 'em"


This is something that I really hope comes through in my blog too! It’s really important to me that women feel good AS. THEY. ARE. Sure, there are things we would change about ourselves if we really could, but if we always think like that, we will never be happy.

Gok made every single person both on stage, and in the crowd, feel empowered, he told us to flaunt what we’ve got, and love and embrace being a women – Go Gok!!

Soooooo……. here is me WISHING that I got to meet Gok……………..


I have his book and everything!!


And here is when I really did!!!!


I didn't realise how tall he was!! (and I got a double cheek kiss, did I mention that already?!! Yes I know he is gay!!)


So my life as a fashion blogger is complete. see ya!

But if you want to find out about events like these, make sure you sign up for the Fashionista Events newsletter on their website  – they have all the insider info and were kind enough to invite me along to this event, thanks Nat xx

Did you go to Gok? Are you going? Have you ever been as excited as I was about meeting an idol/guru/Gay Chinese Stylist??