Now if you are a regular reader of Chasing Cait (which undoubtedly you are – and if you aren’t you can make it happen by just popping your email address in the wee box just to the right there → and whamo, you will be!) now where was I? Oh yeah! If you read Chasing Cait, you’ll know that I LOVE clothing that are not only stylish, but versatile and practical (well most of the time) too.

So when the lovely people at BMW asked if I wanted to test-drive their new 2 Series Active Tourer, a stylish, yet practical addition to the BMW family, I had to say yes!

ChasingCait_BMW Active Tourer

Me and my wheels for the weekend!


In my (totally fashion-skewed) mind, this great little car is like this dress…….

layered dress

Now stick with me on this one…….

This dress is stylish – the colours are on trend and it will work on most body shapes.

This dress is practical – it’s a machine-washable, no ironing required dress. Easy for everyday wear.

This dress is versatile – it can be dressed up for a party (like on the left) with some heels and bling-y jewellery, or it can be worn casually on the weekend with some sandals, or even your jandals (thongs for you Aussies). There is nothing that makes it “only” a day-time dress or  “only” a night time dress.

Now, the BMW 2 series Active Tourer……..

This car is stylish – well it’s a Beamer after all – there’s something about driving a luxury car that makes you feel that little more stylish.


This car is practical – the FIRST thing I asked about was the boot size (you know, for all that shopping……). It’s impressive. But also things like the fact that all the seats go down, all the way. The also come up to 90° so you can pack things like boxes ALL THE WAY to the back in the boot.


Shopping bags / pram – what ever your life dictates 😉

There is a secret compartment under the main boot to store handbags, laptops etc if you must leave them in the car, and then there is the whole “Connected Drive” element to this car – it’s like your own PA in the car – read more about it here. 

This car is versatile – Whether it’s just you and your man zipping around town, or there are two kids and a dog to fit in for a drive to the country, this car is both big enough, and small enough for all the adventures life throws at you.


The Boy and I took it for a cruise down to Maretai over the weekend and we could have packed a tent and the kitchen sink!

Like the sound of it? Me too! And it starts at $51,990. Want it? (yes, me too!) Ok, so here’s the list of stuff you need to rattle off to convince hubby that it’s a good idea (yes I’m continuing the stereotype that boys know more about cars than girls…. because in my house, they do!)

  • 3 cylinder engine – it’s the first BMW that front wheeled drive (not that I ever knew) which means its a very fuel efficient car
  • Connected Drive as standard – In-built navigation, phone and iPod connectivity
  • Adjustable drive settings (eco, comfort and sports mode…. eco helps save petrol, while sports mode is FUN!)
  • LED headlights
  • Keyless entry and drive
  • Rear-view reversing camera (maybe that is more for us girls and parking…..)
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • BMW alloy wheels

So whether it’s shopping, groceries, or children, you get comfort, space and style all for a price that ordinarily wouldn’t get your a brand new BMW! Value for money is definitely a big theme when it comes to clothes and style, so why shouldn’t the same carry over to cars!

What do you think? Do you love versatility in your life? Tell me about your most versatile thing, garment, cooking implement, anything! I’d love to know! Tell me in the comments below!

Until Next Time,
In Style & Love Always