One of life’s small luxuries for me is getting my nails done. Everything seems better with a nice, new, shiny set of shellaced nails (remember when I discovered Shellac? It changed my life! Read about it here, and here). I seem to walk taller, dress better and talk with my hands more (if that is even possible…) when I have nice, new nails.

Scrolling through Pinterest, which I do all the time, almost never, I’ve noticed recently that there is quite a few people out there getting creative with their nails, here are a few of my favourite examples….

ooOOoo, look at all the pretty nails (Pictures from Pinterest)


There are a bunch of tutorials online that teach you how to DIY these nails, or if you don’t think you have a steady-enough hand for these intricate designs, you could try an ombre look …. This look uses five different shades of the same colour – one on each nail from darkest to lightest…


Ombre nails from Pinterest


But the look I thought I would try first is a simple statement nail, where your ring finger nail is painted a contrast colour, like the celebs below…


Well if Whitney and Vanessa are doing it, it must be cool right?


This trend you could EASILY try at home, and if you don’t like it, or get the colours wrong, you can change it super-quick! I knew that I would love it so I went up to my new local nail salon (thanks girls from Diamond Nails on Ponsonby Road) and picked two of the new GelColour by OPI – Russian Blue and Strawberry Margarita. Here is the result….

My new statement nails thanks to GelColour from OPI


What do you think? Is this a trend you will try? It’s an easy one and a great way to add a little pop of colour in winter! Now I just have to  decide what colours to do next…..

Cait x