BUSTED!! Unfortunately I DON'T look like Kim Kardashian without my make-up on (sigh...)

But I may as well have been! Don’t you hate it when you think, “I’ll just pop down to the shops for 5 minutes, no one will see me.” You think that last part because you are wearing your gym clothes (from when you went for a walk at 8am this morning – it’s currently 2pm), you have dirty hair, no make-up and a whopping great pimple (or several) on you chin.

Well there is this horrible thing called Murphy’s Law (or Karma) that says whenever you say that to yourself, you will inevitably run into EVERYONE YOU KNOW (including, hands down, one of the most beautiful and stylish people I know – ‘Oh hi Monique!‘). HOW. EMBARRASSMENT.

Brittany TOTES has it going on (all she needs now is leggings as pants) I so know how she feels

Serves me right – I was just being lazy – just because I work from home does not give me the right to ‘let myself go’. I don’t have seven children to run around after, I’m not renovating, I don’t get dirty or messy for a living; I write, and talk about pretty clothes, and test fabulous new beauty products – isn’t it about time I practice what I preach?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to start preaching about how you should never leave the house without a full face of make-up and in your highest heels (when was the last time you saw ME in heels!) BUT I do think for me personally, someone who working in fashion, I should have a little more self-respect and confidence in myself (and my brand, which is me). I also know that I feel better about myself when my hair is freshly washed, my nails are not chipped and my lashes have had a little mascara boost.

So whether you are an exhausted new mum, busy mum of 2 or 3, uni student, or working from home, here are some quick tips for looking your best QUICKLY AND WITH NO EFFORT in 5 minutes before you run out the door.

1. Hide your hair

If you have time, wash it – you know you will feel better when you do. If you don’t have time, a fedora (all year round, but especially in summer) or cool beanie (in winter) is your best friend. If that fails too, put you head upside down, spray a little (or a lot) of hairspray or sea salt spray (or both!) all over you hair and put up in a messy high bun (the ‘messy’ and highness of the bun will hide some of the greasiness).

Don't worry, mine doesn't really look like this either, but you get the idea. Tigi Bed head Hard Head hairspray $19.95 or KMS California hairplay sea salt spray $29.99

2. Invest in a great tinted moisturiser

My ‘full’ make-up routine takes a while (well, over 5 minutes, which is a lot for me – I have a short attention span ok?!). I use a primer, then a liquid foundation, then a concealer, then a translucent powder (it’s worth it, it lasts all day) BUT sometimes I just cannot be bothered. This is where a good tinted moisturiser comes in. Goes on in one easy application, covers small blemishes and uneven skin tone and protects from the sun too! (now to be honest, this is a step I have NOT mastered yet, so if anyone can recommend a good tinted moisturiser that would be super!)


Here are two I have heard great things about. 1) Becca luminous skin colour $44 2) Invisible Zinc tinted moisturiser $29


3. Have a ‘go to’ outfit

Need to run out the door with 5 minutes notice? Have a ‘go to’ outfit that you can throw on, but you know it looks great! In the cooler months, a tunic, leggings and a blazer make up an awesome comfortable look. Ballet flats, flat boots or Converse trainers complete this 5-minute look. This look has been a staple of mine this winter, it’s comfortable, and easy to wear but a little more chic and sophisticated that gym gear or jeans and a T.


Your winter 'go to' look could be something like this? 1) Country Road tunic $99. 2) Mesop leggings $39. 3) Mooloolah fedora (from City Beach) $25. 4) Converse Chuck Taylors $80


Getting a little warmer? If you like them, make a maxi dress your new best friend! I have some great maxi dresses that I can literally throw on with a pair of havianas and I still feel incredibly glamorous – there is something about metres of fabric flowing around me as I walk that makes me feel a bit spesh (in a good way!). If maxis are a little scary for you, a simple cotton frock is perfect. Again, have a pair of havianas or sandals next to the door ready to go!


1) Just Add Sugar maxi $99.95. 2) Rebecca Thompson kaftan $377. 3) Sacha Drake 'Lola' dress $219. 4) Witchery maxi dress $189.95. 5) Country Road striped jersey dress $199. 6) Gordon Smith spotted sun dress $119.95


Three little things that I SHOULD have done before I ran out the door yesterday (and ran into a bunch of people “yes, I do actually work in fashion, can’t you tell?“) I would have felt so much better about myself and what I do for a living!

Hey, at least I wasn’t wearing my ugg boots outside or leggings as pants! (oh wait……)

Have you dashed out the door not looking your best and run into everybody you have ever met? 

What are your ‘ready in 5’ tips for when you have to rush out in a hurry?