Yep, I’m going there. But not how you think.

I’ve thought long and hard about how to write this post without ‘yucking on someone else’s yum” and I don’t like to s*$t on another woman just doing what she thinks is right, but I saw a caption on social media the other that REALLY annoyed me.

It was another stylist basically telling everyone to wear the same thing. She had a go at “bright colours and kooky prints” , calling them old and outdated and pretty much said everyone should wear oversized neutrals. and it got my back up.

I didn’t like being told that there was only ONE look that was ‘cool’.

That my love of colour and print is somehow ‘less stylish” than greys and blacks.

SO It made me think, I wanted to write my own list of things that you should be thinking about when you get dressed, and note, this doesn’t apply to just us over 4o’s – this applies to everyone (but I wanted to write a click-bait headline so you’d read the blog haha!)

1 Wear clothes that bring you JOY!

Who cares if they aren’t ‘in fashion’. If you love colour, and it makes you feel good, wear it! If crazy prints make you smile, rock them every single day girl!

Only wear things that give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside – be it black and grey, or jeans and jumper, or sequins and heels! As long as it makes you feel good, that’s all that matters.

2. Dress for YOU, not anyone else

I think that’s what annoyed me about that social post the other day…. this stylist was telling us what SHE loved to wear, and what she thought was ‘cool’. Great! If you really love that look, wear it, but don’t wear a trend because someone else told you to.

And for that matter, don’t stop wearing something that someone else doesn’t like – what you wear is your business and ONLY your business. No one else gets a say, and you don’t need to impress anyone else.

3. Wear clothes that FIT you well

Ignore the number. If you have to go UP to get the fit right, then get the fit right. If you go down a size, does it look good? Or are you just going down a size to honour some sort of false beauty standard that smaller is better?

Pay attention to how things fit you – are those skinny jeans uncomfortable your tummy? try a wide leg pant. But if you ROCK your skinny jeans and they look amazing, keep rocking them.

4. Wear good (and supportive) underwear

Good supportive underwear can completely change not only your outfit, but your posture and confidence! Get properly fitted for your bras at least once a year (they can really stretch out and stop offering as much support if you flog them like I do!).

Wear undies that are comfortable, and that breathe. My biggest underwear tip is to wear undies that sit at the same height as the waistband you’re wearing. It gives a great line, you’ll feel supported and clothes will look better.

5. Wear trends, ONLY if they work for your unique style

Now I love a trend as much as the next stylist (hello neon for Spring, but that’s another blog), but if the trend do not fit into your unique personal style, you don’t have to do it!

So many of my clients are worried about not “looking cool” in their skinny jeans because some Gen Z made a tiktok about how straight leg jeans are in, and skinnies are out. Bugger that! Wear what YOU love!

On the flip-side, if a trend really talks to your sense of style, GREAT! go for it! work it into your everyday looks and get joy out of it.


Now I hope you don’t feel like I’m now being patronising (like I found the social media stylist) by telling you what to wear. But ultimately, it’s as simple as this….


Cait xo


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