I’m on a mission! I asked and you guys answered – so here is my next post based on your awesome feedback on The Book of Face as to what you want to see more of on the blog;  how to wear a garment more than one way!

Now this is definitely something I work through with my Personal Styling clients and their own wardrobes, getting the most out of one garment – seeing the versatility in it! So this week’s challenge is how to wear a pair of printed pants (more specifically, printed joggers) more that one way, so here it is!

Take one pair of printed pants (or joggers – which are made from more of a tracksuit material) like so……

joggers.jpg(These pants are available in S, M and L – I bought the L and I’m a pretty standard size 12 – they are a slim fit, but I like that, they don’t look like a trackie then! Boohoo is normally a small/average fit.)

And then work out different ways to work them into your wardrobe, and your life……….

casual printed pants.jpg

ADD: a denim jacket + casual flats + a pop of colour with a scarf or necklace

These really are first, and foremost a casual pant – so they are pretty easy to wear this way.  My good old trick of adding a denim jacket to ANYTHING to make the outfit casual works perfectly here, but make sure you don’t fall into the trap of being TOO casual – a hoodie would probably just make these seem like tracksuit pants….

dressed up printed joggers.jpg

JUST ADD: a fitted blazer + chic heels and clutch

Just because they are comfy, doesn’t mean they can’t be dressy! The trick with wearing printed pants in a more dressy way is to make the PANTS the statement – everything else should compliment them. A fitted blazer and a pair of heels makes these pants totally appropriate for drinks with the girls, or even a great work outfit!

print on print.jpg

JUST ADD: a top with a print

The biggest tip I can give you when it comes to mixing prints, is to make sure that both prints have SOMETHING IN COMMON. For example, both the prints I’m wearing are black and white so, along with my shoes, there is a theme to the outfit.

If the prints aren’t the same colours, maybe they are both a stripe, or a polka dot, but something needs to connect them otherwise it will just look like you got dressed in the dark!


There, see how easy it is?

It’s really important to look at the versatility of your clothes – so many of us complain that we have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear, but in reality, we aren’t being adventurous, or resourceful enough!

Have you got an item of clothing you would like to see worn three different ways? tell me in the comments below or email me on caitlin@chasingcait.com and tell me and it might appear on the blog!

So off you go, go find something in YOUR wardrobe you can wear three ways

Until next time
In Love & Style Always
Cait xoxo
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