I warned you yesterday this was coming…. it was raining today. I get excited when it rains now because I have the perfect shoes to wear IN the rain! Can you guess what they are yet?

Today was a little warmer than it has been over the last few days, so not as many layers were required (although I have to say I am developing a whole new-found respect for merino thermals….. thank you Kathmandu…. I may be broke now, but I am certainly much warmer).

Ok, let me give you a clue. My shoes for today are from Target (Target do the BEST shoes!). They are boots. They are raspberry-coloured….

Raspberry gumboots!!! I LOVE them!

GUMBOOTS!! They are the perfect option on rainy days like today (and there are a LOT of those days in Auckland). They style up the same as a normal boot – tucked into skinny jeans or over black tights/leggings like I wore today.

Rain, rain go away… or don’t so I can wear my raspberry gumboots from Target

What I’m wearing: Gumboots from Target (bought in April), tights from SpencerLacy (buy similar here), tunic dress from Witchery and necklace from ebay (click here to buy similar). A trench-coat over the top, and a brolly in my hand completes a perfect rainy-day outfit!

So that was it folks! Seven (well, eight actually) pairs of shoes in seven days! I think I might try this again in summer… winter is really hard!! How did you go?

Cait x