Can I be honest? Tee-shirts are not my favourite item of clothing. You know how some people say “oh I’m just a jeans and tee shirt kinda gal?” yeah, we’ll I’m not – that’s for sure.

Give me a frock any day. BUT, now that I’m typing this, I actually realise I have a few more tee’s in my wardrobe than I thought, and I guess the difference is, I just don’t wear them as a casual weekend throw-on.

I like to mix them up with different things – which gave me the idea for this latest 1 item, 3 ways post – let’s do it with the simple tee shirt!

how to wear a tee shirt different ways

1. Jeans + tee

Ok, ok, so maybe I AM  just a ‘jeans and tee shirt’ girl after all haha! But I like the idea of actually dressing UP the jeans and tee with some heels.

Jeans and tee shirt with heels

SHOP THE LOOK: Andrea Moore “wink wink” tee $105 | Glassons jeans $49.99 (I distressed them myself) | Mi Piaci heels $230

This could be a great work outfit if you have a more relaxed work place, I wore a combo not too dissimilar to this to an evening event the other night.

This outfit is the epitome of SMART/CASUAL, that elusive dress code well all try for, and struggle with (you can read more about that here if you like)

2. The weekend casual look

So as much as I generally don’t like a tee, I LOVE me a kimono! They are awesome for adding a little something, something to an outfit, (and even better if you aren’t super-keen on the old arms).

how to dress up a tee shirt

SHOP THE LOOK: Surafina kaftan (one size) $102 |  Andrea Moore “wink wink” tee $105 | Rag and Bone jeans shorts from  $242 (gifted) | Spurr slides (sold out by similar here)

This tends to be my weekend uniform when just sticking around at home with the hubby, but also makes me feel a little more stylish if I DO have to pop out to shops (and inevitably run into someone that I know – it ALWAYS happens right?)

3. The sophisticated look

This is my hands down favourite way to wear a tee – with a little more femininity thrown in. I totally stole this look off my gorgeous client Eva, one of the judges on Our First Home, so we just need to make sure we aren’t wearing it on the same day when we catch up haha!

andrea moore tee

SHOP THE LOOK:  Andrea Moore “wink wink” tee $105 | Andrea Moore “kiss me’ ruffle skirt $320 | EziBuy navy heels $78

What’s good about wearing a tee like this, especially if you’ve got curves ladies, is that is helps to show those curves off a little more than if you were just wearing it with shorts or jeans (like above).

So I know the Andrea Moore tee I’ve featured is a little on the exxy side (but it has swarovski crystals as the eyes on it!) so here are three a little more budget-friendly, but still as awesome.

good tee shirts

Now these three may not look like much, but once you get them ob your bod, you’ll never look back! They are shaped really nicely, and sit across the bust well

SHOP THE TOPS: Jeanswest “desi” tee $29.99 | Emerge linen tee from EziBuy from $34.99 | Capsule Collection Australia “The perfect V neck tee” $55

So it seems there is very much a place for the humble tee shirt is everyone’s wardrobe (even mine haha!) Are you a tee shirt girl? or not so much – if not, has this post changed your mind?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to know – and find more 1 item, 3 ways posts, click HERE.

Until Next Time,
In Love & Style Always