SIZE is just one small part of how things fit on your body, so why do we get so caught up in it?
With this blog series, I wanted to show you guys that size is just a number, only one small part of how things look on our bodies, and also how the same “size” can be different body shapes too.

I asked three of my lovely readers, all of whom were a size 12 (so they could fit into my clothes) so let me style and photograph them in the same outfits, so we could all see how things look on different shapes!

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When I gave you guys a little sneak peek of this dress on social media recently, everyone went gaga for it! And understandably! It’s gorgeous.

I LOVE working with the amazing team at Harrie & Sam, and this dress is yet another reason why.

I couldn’t wait to pop it on some other bodies and give you guys a few different ideas on how to style it.

Meet Sarah, she’s 44, 166cms tall and a size 12.
She describes her body as thicker set and fairly curvy.
“I have never been super skinny and don’t think I ever could be as I have boobs, a bum and a tummy which are all pretty obvious.”

Sarah looks amazing in this colour (my mouth literally dropped open when she walked out in in!), and she also rocks it both tied and untied!

Putting the waist tie slightly higher (right at the top of her natural waist) makes her amazing legs look even longer and allowed for a bit of extra skim over the tummy.

Meet Liv, she’s 39, 168cm tall and a size 12.
She describes herself as an hourglass with a mom-bod haha!

Again, I just couldn’t get over how stunning this colour was on Liv! And the little extra detail of her bra gave the look a bit more spunk too.

We tied the tie and bloused it over a little more to shorten the length on Liv, creating a really hourglass silhouette.

Meet Cait, she’s 39, 175cm tall and a size 12.

Haha ok! We all know who this is. We had another lovely lady lined up but I had to change the date and she couldn’t come, (don’t worry, she’ll make an appearance soon!)

The reason that I use a size 12 in this series, is literally because I’m a size 12 and these are usually just my own clothes – simple as that haha!

I couldn’t resist popping my favourite pink against this gorgeous blue. Such a great colour combo right? Proof that you don’t always need to put a nuetral with a bright colour.

To get the twist tie look, check out this video on how to do it! (it’s really simple, all you need is a hair tie!)

I hope you really enjoy reading these blogs as much as I love writing them! Stay tuned for another one soon.

In Love & Style Always,