Size. What even is it? It’s just a number right? It doesn’t dictate who we are as people, and it shouldn’t dictate our personal style either!

Style is just one small part of how things fit on your body, so why do we get so caught up in it?

With this blog series, I wanted to show you guys that size is just a number, only one small part of how things look on our bodies, and also how the same “size” can be different body shapes too.

I asked three of my lovely readers, all of whom were a size 12 (so they could fit into my clothes) so let me style and photograph them in the same outfits, so we could all see how things look on different shapes!

You can read post #1 here and post #2 in the series here….

And now here is the spring post – have a look and see how all three gorgeous girls rocked a high waisted pant…

Meet Kate, 49, 166cm tall, size 12.
Describes her body (in her own words) as an upside down triangle although her measurements for waist and hip are exactly the same! Very wide back and a big bust, just overall top heavy!

Tucking the cami in was scary for Kate! She thought it would accentuate her tummy and make her look even more top heavy… but how fab does she look!

The combination of the high waisted pant, and the wide leg cut makes her legs look longer, and her waist look teeny!

Meet Tracey, 45, 171cm, size 12
She describes her body as a bigger bust and shoulders with straight torso but great legs (love that!)

Ladies with the bigger boozies are often scared of the high-waist + tuck look because they feel like it might make their boobs look even bigger, but how fab does this outfit look on Tracey?

The v neck and thicker strap of the cami helps to balance out a larger bust, as does the wideleg cut of the pants.

Just because you have great legs (like our Tracey here), doesn’t mean you always have to be in skinny pants – don’t be scared to play with different silhouettes.

Meet Rachel, 29, 170cm tall, size 12.
She describes her body as ever-changing currently and trying to understand the changes. Having had her son Toby just over a year ago ago, she is now working with a bigger bust however would say she has an hourglass figure.

Rachel hadn’t really tried wide leg, cropped pants before but I LOVED this look on her!

So many women are scared to tuck, in case it reveals tummy (and in this shot, Rachel had only had her son 7 months ago) BUT actually it’s one of the most flattering things you can do for your silhouette and proportions.

Love the look? Here is how you can get it for yourself with current season items.

(FYI – the original outfit is a Max camisole similar to the one featured above, and a Zara culotte in a size L)

And now I hope you’ve got a little takeaway from this blog post (and the others in the series);

never assume that something won’t work on your shape or size until you’ve tried it!

Would you like to see some other styles featured in this series? I’ll be asking for some new size 12 volunteers soon, so if you’re keen, or want to see a particular style of garment featured, drop me a note in the comments below..

Until Next Time, In Style & Love Always,