I mean, they are the wardrobe staple that everyone is meant to have, and love… but how hard is it to find a pair of black pants that work for you?

When I put the question out on what readers wanted to see on my “1 item 4 ways” video series, I must admit, I was surprised to see requests for black pants. I see them in almost every wardrobe, and people are using them as their ‘default” pant – but I guess that is part of the problem right?

We are all just wearing our black pants with everything, because we don’t know what else to wear!

The right pair of black pants can be incredibly  versatile, so I want to give you some ways to make your style staple, the good old black pant, work harder in your wardrobe.

But I also want to show you where to get a pair that you actually like and WANT to wear! So the pants I’ve featured in this 1 item 4 ways video, is, in fact the only pair of plain black pants I own. The fit and fabric makes then much more versatile and useful than the standard “black work pants”.

The pants I’m wearing are “the best pants ever” from Decjuba, the are called the Lexi Pants, in bengaline, and you can shop them here in a size 6-16 (they are true to size).

Here’s the video on how I’ve styled them four different ways, for four different occasions, and then you can watch the next video below on where to get 5 of my fave pairs.


Now watch this wee video for where to get your hands on my fave black bengaline pants right now (the video includes links direct to the stores! Cool huh!)

So my challenge to you is now, can you have FUN with your black pants, intentionally make them part of your outfits, rather than them just being the default?

Let me know how you go.

In Love & Style Always,