I’ve said it before, and I’m gonna say it again – VERSATILITY in clothing is key in having a useful, effective, expansive and fun wardrobe. The more pieces you have that can be worn in different ways means you have more combinations of outfits, with LESS clothes! (awesome huh!)

That’s what I love about this series on the blog so much – it’s all about HOW to wear simple pieces, that will suit most body-shapes, lifestyles and budgets in a few different ways.

I’m not saying wearing exactly how I’m wearing it, but use my outfits as inspiration to get the most out of your wardrobe.

Today’s item is a striped dress from Glassons (get it here and in store now) but you can apply this to ANY striped dress you may find.

Stiped dress glassons










So that’s the dress on the model, and here is the dress, in three different ways, on me.

1. Casual weekend wear

This is probably the way that most people would wear this dress. It’s got a great jersey feel to it, so it lends itself to being worn on the weekend. There are a heap of great casual jackets you can throw over it, from a denim jacket (one of my fave casual staples) to an anorak like the one I’m wear.

A nude boot, or a casual shoe like a trainer or ballet flat completes the look. (I’m also being sneaky and have my trusty merino cami on underneath for extra warmth)

stripe dress from glassons casual

SHOP THE LOOK: Glassons stripe dress $39.99 | Similar anorak from Just Jeans $99.95Similar boots from EOS at Styletread $219.95

2. All rugged up

Who says just because it’s cold, you need to wear pants! I LOVE wearing a dress in Winter and this striped dress is a great option.

I’ve got a great leather jacket over the top, plus my thick warm tights, long scarf and hat to keep me warm! I love the versatility of a leather jacket – it’s not as bulky as a coat, but has a great wind-proof and warm factor.

Again, you don’t have to wear your dress exactly like me, but don’t be scared to layer it up a little in the midst of winter.

striped dress in winter


SHOP THE LOOK: Glassons stripe dress $39.99 | Similar jacket from Portmans $199.95 | Similar scarf from Portmans $29.95Similar hat from Max $59.99 | Djano & Juliette boots from Styletread $189.95


3. Glammed up

Just because it’s not a dressy fabric, doesn’t mean you can’t frock it up for a special occasion.

Use jewellery, your makeup, shoes and handbags to dress your outfit up a little more. I’ve got booties with it, but you could put a heel – or even tights and heeled boots. A blazer could work over the top to keep you warm, and a night-time clutch is another bag option too.

It’s all about how dressed up and special you feel! If you think you rock it, then you will.

striped dress glammed up look

SHOP THE LOOK: Glassons stripe dress $39.99 | Alias Mae boots $199.95 | Louenhide “delmar” bag $99.95

So there you have it, one striped dress, for three different occasions, worn in three different ways. Remember to think outside the box just a little and you’ll find you open up your wardrobe so much without having to buy a thing!

Which is your fave way of wearing it? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to know

Until Next Time, In Style & Love Always,