Love ’em, or love ’em right?( I mean, who even hates ankle boots?! )They are, in my expert opinion, THE most versatile and useful shoe you can have in your wardrobe (climate-dependent, of course!) But WHICH ankle boots. Black vs coloured. Heels vs flats. Leather vs faux. Where do you even start.

So let me help.

I’ve pulled together a bunch of my faves in a whole bunch of categories just for you, PLUS make sure you watch my latest ‘1 item, 4 ways’ styling video at the top of this blog for some bonus ideas on how to work an ankle boot into your wardrobe.

Ok, so how do you choose what boot? My advice would be to start simple.


Go with a classic black leather boot with a small, wearable heel. They will literally go with EVERYTHING. They’ll look great with jeans, but you could also style them up with black tights and a dress. The heel height means they are comfortable enough for all day, but dressy enough for nighttime if need be.

SHOP THE BOOTS: Merchant “Fergie” boots $289.90 | Hannahs “Etoile” boots $99.95 | Mischief Shoes “Pedro” boots $249.90


So once you’ve got your head around the black boots, introduce a neutral into your boot-robe. Look for a colour that compliments your skintone, it might be a blush pink, or a taupe brown. Keep in mind that TAN isn’t always a neutral (I wrote THIS BLOG recently on how to rock the tan boot, check it out!). Here are some of my faves;

SHOP THE BOOTS: Minx Shoes “Kybos” boots $229 | Chaos & Harmony “World” boot in chalk $359 | Feather & Noise “Kyla” boots $229 (aud)


This is me to a tee! I love a boot with a bit of personality. It might be a fun print, a funky buckle, or just all around awesomeness. This kind of boot is great if your style calls for a little bit of something, something extra. I LOVE adding a boot to a simple dress, or to a pair of jeans and a tee. Here are some of my top picks;

SHOP THE BOOTS: Bared Footwear “Cuckoo” white leather boots $339.00 (aud) | Frankie4 Footwear “Nikola” leopard print boots $299.95 (aud) | Mi Piaci “Dern” leather boots $260.00



Nothing like a bit of bling to lift a look right? I can’t believe I only JUST (like, today) but my first pair of metallic ankle boots courtesy of my good friend Mo. She bought them, they were delivered, and right away she knew they were MUCH more me than her haha!. In my mind, metallics are a neutral, so a metallic boot with work with anything. Just choose the colour that floats your boat.

SHOP THE BOOTS: The Iconic “Los Carbos” silver boots $103.44 (aud) | Kathryn Wilson “Milano” glitter boots $150 (on sale) | Django & Juliette star metallic boots from StyleTread $290.89 


Where would we be without coloured ankle boots. Once you’ve graduated from the black and neutrals, it’s time to step up and step out in colour! I have a pair of pink ankle boots I swear go with EVERYTHING in my wardrobe! The key is to go for a colour that matches, or compliments the colours of your clothes. Here are some fab styles;

SHOP THE SHOES: Kathryn Wilson “Manhattan” boot $419 | Merchant “Cleona’ ankle boot $309.90 |   Mischief Shoes “Kate” boot $249.90

So have you spied a pair you like yet? Like I said before, ankle boots are one of THE most versatile shoes you can own, so many sure you’ve got the right ones in your wardrobe.

Until Next Time, In Love & Style,