Capsule Wardrobe. We’ve heard the term so many times, and to some it seems like Ultimate Wardrobe Goals.

But what exactly is a capsule wardrobe and how can you create one that ACTUALLY works for you.

Well I think the first thing to understand and acknowledge is that there is NO “one size fits all” solution to creating a capsule wardrobe. There are no 10 pieces that will work universally for everyone (even though the Pinterest images, or Marie Claire articles might make you think that).

The idea behind a capsule wardrobe that I subscribe to is a collection of pieces that can WORK TOGETHER IN DIFFERENT WAYS to create variations on different looks.

So what those pieces are will be different from person to person, depending on your shape, size, age, budget, lifestyle and Style Personality.

Versatility is the number one thing I’m looking to give my personal styling clients in their sessions, individual pieces that can be worn in different ways, with other versatile pieces in their wardrobe.

So I combined these two ideas, having pieces that work back with each other (hello capsule wardrobe!), but also giving you the room to inject your own sense of style into that capsule.

It’s why I designed my Ebook, “How to Create An Autumn Capsule Wardrobe”.

In this digital ebook, I’ve listed 16 generic wardrobe items (a pair of jeans, a denim jacket etc) and showed you OVER 50 different ways to pair them all together.

This ebook is designed to be a blueprint to use with your exisiting wardrobe. You shouldn’t have to buy anything new (and if you do, you KNOW it will work well in your wardrobe now) and you can use clothes that you already know and love!

This eBook is designed to work for any shape, any size, any age, any budget and any style personality.

So let’s see a little bit more about what you get, and how it works…

On the left is the intro to a section, a real life example of how to translate a suggested look.

On the right is just nine (out of 54) outfits that I’ve created for you. There are pages and pages of these outfit options, and you can use as few, or as many as you like for your everyday outfit inspiration.

I’ve also categorised the looks into different occasions: workwear, smart/casual etc and more, but of course you can mix and match any look for any occasion depending on what works for you.

Here are a few more real life examples of some of the looks in the book and how I’ve translated them to suit my own individual shape, size and style….

This ebook has been designed to give you more bang for buck from your exisiting wardrobe, and to show you how to get a little more versatility out of what you already have!

Your exisiting wardrobe is more useful to you than you probably think it is and you most likely already have your very own capsule wardrobe sitting there already, this book is here to help you see that.

If you’d like to get the most out of your wardrobe and create the ultimate capsule for autumn, you can get your hands on the digital copy here

There are also limited number of HARD COPY BOOKS AVAILABLE HERE (at time of publishing there are only 9 hard copies left)

I hope you love using this ebook as much as I loved creating it!

Until next time, in love and style always,




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