Whoa guys! Turns out you guys are all on a mission to find some shorts this summer right?

I put the question out on Facebook a little while back, “what is you’re biggest Summer Style Dilemma?” and the RESOUNDING answer was shorts that flatter!

Well, you asked, I’ve answered.

I’ve done the research, and ‘Ive put together a comprehensive list of shorts for all types!

Now before we get started, let’s go over a few home truths when it comes to shorts….

• NO short will miraculously give you Cindy Crawfords’s legs, so learn to love the ones you have (legs that is

• Your legs are FINE as they are ok? So no more bashing them – I don’t want to hear it

Knees: We all have them. No ones knees are “pretty” but stop stressing so much about them, no one else is even looking at them.

• Fake tan is your new best friend – ALL legs look better brown (my fave is Little Honey but there are heaps on the market)

• Finding flattering shorts is ALL ABOUT PROPORTION. These are the two main points;

  • A slightly wider fit will make your legs look slimmer (because there is more room around them in a looser-fitting short)
  • A short that sits just above the knee is the most flattering length (if you want ones below the knee, you will have to add a heel or wedge if you don’t want to look frumpy – it’s all about how much leg is on show)

Ok. Are well all in agreement with the above?

Good. Now here are all of the shorts….


THE DENIM SHORT (l-r): Jeanswest”Lea” clean boyfriend shorts $49.99 | H&M denim shorts $39.95 | Kmart boyfriend white denim short $20.00 | Bohemian Traders dark blue denim shorts $154^


THE PRINTED SHORT (l-r): Birdsnest Belle Bird “belle” floral shorts $79.95 | Country Road tropical print short $159.00 Kmart soft print shorts $10 | Witchery relaxed shorts $89.90


THE KNEE-LENGTH SHORT (l-r): Birdsnest Birdkeeper “everyday” shorts $79.95 |  Next denim knee shorts from EziBuy $49.00 Jeanswest “Marie” chambray longline shorts $69.99 | Max “Laila” linen belted short $79.99^

THE WIDE-LEG SHORT (l-r): Country Road leaf lace short $159.00 | Portmans relaxed luxe short $69.95 | Crossroads linen shorts $44.99 | Witchery shirred short $89.90


THE BUMP-FRIENDLY SHORT (l-r): Jeanswest “Aria” maternity boyfriend shorts $59.99 | “Lexia” maternity shirts from Rock Your Bump $74.99 | Kmart maternity relaxed shorts $17 | Just Jeans soft jogg short (non maternity but stretch waist for under bump) $59.99


There really are heaps of lovely pairs of shorts out there, its just a matter of knowing what you are looking for, and trying a few different shapes and sizes on.

Now ON the topic of size – play with your sizing. I’m a pretty standard 12, but often will wear a 14 in shorts because I want them to sit a little lower, and a little longer on me. Brands are also often cut quite straight through the hips and bum and I need a little more wiggle room – so TRY A SIZE UP if need be.

I hope that helps a little with your search for the perfect summer shorts. Which ones have caught your eye? I’d love to know. Tell me in the comments below

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,


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