I don’t normally post on Tuesdays, but this was something I had to say today. Now. And I want you to share this with as many women as you know – it’s time to start believing in ourselves again!

I don’t know if it’s because I’m away from home, (but strangely back home at the same time) or I’m picking up on some of the yucky vibes that are going on within the NZ blogosphere atm (that’s a looooong story) but I’m feeling a little more emotional, and vulnerable that usual.

And then I watched this….

I just had a really good cry. It was so powerful to see how just one little positive thing could change the way these women feel about themselves – amazingly uplifting.

But at the same time, I think it’s really sad that we, as a society, think that the norm should be to feel rubbish about ourselves.

I see it every time I see a client – they automatically point out the bits of their bodies that they don’t like, and often they are bits that no one else would even look at – this makes me sad.

One of the first things I do, is encourage my client to tell me their THREE BEST BITS – it’s about making a psychological shift in the way women look at themselves in the mirror – it’s about taking the negativity out of the thought process and replacing it with positive, uplifting thoughts.

Every single woman (and man) that I see for some Style Coaching is amazing and beautiful and intelligent and special in their own way, but often they have booked in a session with me because the DON’T feel that way.

For me, STYLE is one of the many ways that can help women get their confidence back up. Some people think that it is vain to care so much about the way you look – I constantly spend my time defending and explaining what I do “No I don’t work with the rich and famous, no I don’t work for a fashion magazine”, “yes I work with everyday, real women to help empower them and to get their confidence back”

What I do has nothing to do with FASHION, it’s all about EMPOWERMENT and CONFIDENCE. If you feel good on the outside, it goes a long way to feeling good on the inside.

Women feel the need to conform to this idea of a “perfect” body – but when are we going to start to realise that EVERY BODY is perfect just the way it is? By dressing for the body you have now and being PROUD of the body you have now, you are going a long way to changing this perception of the perfect body.

As a Style Coach, I’m not about making everyone look the same, I’m about exploring and celebrating everyone’s unique style and personality, and bringing out the best in them inside and out.

There are no pretty pictures in this post, or ‘how to” tips – just one simple request. Love yourself for YOU. For who you are, for what you stand for, and for how beautiful you are right now in this moment. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

In Love & Style & Confidence Always
Cait xoxo

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