Dramas in BrisVegas!! The high heels were high, the hemlines were higher (but seriously girls, I don’t need to know what you had for breakfast – a little less leg perhaps?) and the top knots were in abundance…… yes, opening night of MBFF-Brisbane was in full swing…. until they had to evacuate the whole tent due to a technical issue with the seating. ie. it collapsed (is ok, no one was hurt, not as bad as it sounds).

Doh! Now I have to give IN-CRED-BLE wraps to the whole MBFF team – Lindsay Bennett and Bryce Williams were as cool as ever under pressure and the army of volunteers were helpful and efficient in passing on information (it also helped that they put on free drinks in the hotel bar…woot woot!)

So, in the end – shows 1 & 2 (the two biggies in my book) which touted a line-up of the who is who of Australian fashion, we are talking Lisa Ho, Scanlan and Theodore, Paul Hunt, Easton Pearson, have been postponed for later this week.

Meanwhile, the rest of the week has panned out nicely! Here’s a wrap up of the week so far…..

Saturday night:

Meant to be styling and managing the Trelise Cooper show on opening night, ended up hanging out with my Aunty Angie drinking free drinks! (geez, now I have to think of another outfit to wear to the rescheduled show! How inconvenient, I packed very show-specifically!!)

Love you Auntie Ange!! xx

Sunday night:

One of my favourite shows every year, The Sunday Mail Group Show, featuring Sacha Drake. As ALWAYS, an amazing show, and for me personally, a chance to catch up with all my old work buddies from Sacha Drake who I love and miss dearly! (awwwwwwww)

What I wore: Vintage Sacha Drake OF COURSE! (The Jess Dress, also available this Spring in a different fabric, click here to see it)

Dress by Sacha Drake, clutch from Portmans, shoes from Wittner, ring from Shopbop.com and nails are Shellac CND colour Asphalt

The show:

An amazing combination of Sacha’s Spring and Summer 2012 collections. As always, stunning silks, flowing maxi dresses and feminine shapes – I LOVES IT!! (click here to view the current collection)

Amaze-balls as always Sacha! (photos courtesy of MBFF and Ian Golding)


High tea and frocks? Don’t mind if I do! The Queens Plaza High Tea was a delightful mix of fashion, coffee (not tea, it was early, I needed coffee!) and cupcakes. PLUS I got to hang out with two of my besties!!

Bubbles at 10am? Don’t mind if I do!


Food, fashion and friends! What more could a girl want!!! (unlimited spending on Shopbop.com? What? Too much?)


Then off to the University of Queensland to give a guest lecture on fashion PR and fashion blogging (some idiot thinks I know something about those two areas, bahahahaha!) Luckily, the same outfit worked for both (and EXTRA luckily, I was carrying a pair of ballet flats in my bag for the in between bits, I’m getting too old for heels all day!)

What I wore: Blazer by Zara, dress by Witchery…. getting my teacher on at UQ

Busy day! Next stop, back to MBFF to see the Spring/Summer in the City show, an invite-only parade, showcasing what Brisbane City retailers have to offer! (Thank you to Queens Plaza for inviting me along!)

What I wore: Trying something a little different… did I pull it off?

Trying something a little different: Blazer from Zara, blouse from Glassons, necklace from Diva, pants from Forever New and shoes from Payless Shoes (see! You can do it on the cheap!

The show: Current Spring/Summer trends abound! Pastels, bold colours and neon were the highlights of the show!

LOVE Spring Summer fashions…. now just need to wait for the temps to rise just a little more!

So that’s if for now my little rascals, stay tuned for some backstage snaps from the Trelise Cooper show on Wednesday (hopefully I’m not too busy trying to shove poor models feet into 2 sizes too small shoes!)

Cait x