So I LOVES me an Instagram photo or 17…… The kittens, my outfits, mint slice biscuits, the kittens, the boy….. they all make the cut, over and over again. Now some Very Smart Ladies have cottoned onto the fact that most of us don’t mind taking the odd photo and they thought, “how can we make this photo-taking-and-sharing-thing EVEN MORE FUN? Let’s make a challenge out if it!”

Three of these Very Smart Ladies are the creators of these three awesomely fun photo challenges that you can play along with at home!

You don’t need to be a style or design guru to take part at all! In fact, the point of these challenges is to make is EASIER to have fun with photos, style and all things pretty and fun!

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Styling You EverydayStyle

So if you are a regular reader of the blog, you know how this one works! Everyday Style is the brain-child of amazing blogging guru Nikki Parkinson from Styling You. She started Everyday Style so women everywhere could share their everyday looks, whether it’s for work, or play, or staying at home, or meetings, or party!

It’s about admiring the style of other women, and sharing looks that you have out together no matter you lifestyle or budget (I may have even bought a couple of things based on other’s Everyday Style pics!).

Here are some of the gorgeous ladies that play along with #everydaystyle – they are all normal, amazing chicks who make that little bit of effort everyday with what they are wearing, then they go and dominate their day!

readers EDS

Featuring @howcaniwearit | @soniastyling | @stylelovingyou

And here’s a few of my fave outfits from my #everydaystyle posts over the last 6 months

chasing cait eds

Fox In Flats – 30-day Style Dare

Now I have to admit, one style challenge a day is hard enough for me! Let alone two – BUT this gorgeous lady has almost convinced me to play along with this one too!

Fox in flats style dare

Here is what the lady herself, Andrea from Fox in Flats, has to say about the 30 day Style Challenge

“We’ve been laying down Style Dares on Fox in Flats for nearly three years. What started as a weekly challenge, soon changed to sets of daily challenges wrapped up in little blue bows that can take you through a whole calendar month.

And since then, there’s been a groundswell of women from around the world sharing photos of their interpretations of each daily Style Dare on social media – in particular Instagram at#FoxinFlatsStyleDare

Style Dares are a fun and easy way to inspire the way we dress each day. They challenge us to try things we might ordinarily dismiss.

They push us to rummage through our wardrobes and rediscover items we haven’t worn in ages. And they force us to be more creative.”

Actually after reading that, I think she has finally convinced me, OK I’m in! Are you? Here’s how to play along

Some of the gorgeous ladies playing along with Fox in Flats Style Dare

Some of the gorgeous ladies playing along with Fox in Flats Style Dare

Fat Mum Slim – Photo A Day

Photo A Day is exactly what it sounds like, you take a photo a day, using the prompt work, or phrase on the list for each month. Instagram is the biggest vessel for this challenge (you join in by using the hashtag #fmsphotoaday), but you can also share it on FatMumSlim’s Facebook wall, or just tag her in your own post (like I do with Styling You and #everydaystyle)


If you want a more comprehensive explanation of how to play, FatMumSlim breaks it all down here

Now not only has the incredibly talented Chantelle from FatMumSlim created this SUPER-FUN challenge, she has also just created her own app, yes APP! that helps you play along. It’s called Little Moments App and you can read more about it here.

Here are my first four #fmsphotoaday pics - can you work out which is which?

Here are my first four #fmsphotoaday pics – can you work out which is which?


Special mentions to Rachel from Redcliffe Style (Thirty Plus Style) and Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes (Winter Luxe Challenge & Wardrobe Wednesday) for their awesome challenges too!

OK so now I have homework for YOU! I want you to pick one of these photo challenges to play along with! You can start any time, and it doesn’t have to be EVERY SINGLE DAY – it might just make you think about things (your wardrobe, they way you see the world!) differently!

Now, tell me in the comments below which one you’ve chosen – and even drop in your Instagram address so I can follow along too! Want to see how I’m playing? Follow me on Instagram @chasingcait.

Ok go!

Until next time, happy snapping!
In Love & Style Always
Cait xoxo