I did it. I wore open-toe shoes yesterday. I can’t tell you how happy that small change to my wardrobe made me feel!

Now really is the time to start transitioning your winter wardrobe into a lighter, brighter spring version. And yes, you can still wear your jeans, and ankle boots definitely still have a place, but now it’s time to bring out some lighter options.

Spring is always a fun time to play with your style. It’s not freezing cold, so all you’re thinking about is how to stay warm, and it’s not hot and humid yet, so you can actually still wear more than one layer, so it got me thinking about some of the cool items that have a real place in your wardrobe for Spring. And here they are!


Kimonos / Kaftans

So basically a lightweight layer that adds some interest to any outfit. They are great for arm coverage (if you want it), a little bit of extra warmth, and just adding a pop of colour to an otherwise simple outfit.

I love wearing a bright printed kimono with jeans and a tee, or over a simple dress. Here are a few of my faves you can get your hands on right now.

GET THE LOOK: SheStreet “Navada” Kimono $69 | Birdsnest “Boho Bird – A Walk in The Park” kimono $119.95 | Decjuba “Aria” kimono jacket $89.95 (AUD)^


Draped Dresses

There are a few things I love about a dress with a bit of drape in it. Firstly, the chances of it fitting you are so much higher! You don’t need to fit into any exact specifications (like you would in a fitted dress).

Secondly, (and I think most importantly haha) you sure don’t have to worry about the undies you’re wearing! Gold right?

Also, they are easy for packing, as usually they don’t need to be ironed and are generally machine washable – so many advantages in a draped dress – here are a few of my faves


GET THE LOOK: Little Party Dress “Marcia” pink dress $69.95 (AUD) | Adrift “Dakota” dress in navy $99^ | Cait & Co bamboo MIracle Dress (with pockets!) in chartruese $85 | Charlo “Aliyah” dress from Augustine $169 


Shoes That Aren’t Boots

I was just chatting with a girlfriend about how good it is to finally be able to wear shoes that don’t always require socks haha (thank goodness I got a pedi last week though right?).

Now we don’t have to dive directly into sandals yet, but even just a cool pair of loafers, or slip ons – just something that isn’t an ankle boot or a trainer (my standard winter shoe options). So here are a couple of shop options for Spring to start exposing your tootsies to the outside world again…

SHOP THE SHOES: “Milton” dress sandals in navy from Merchant 1948 $209.90 | Mi Piaci “Solana” mid heel in magenta $240 | Soludos Flamingo Esparilles from ShopBop $90


I’m so excited spring is finally here! After all, it means summer is just around the corner! But for now, these are a few fun pieces to help you transition your everyday style into the warmer months – so go on, have some fun with it!

Have I missed anything? Tell me what you love wearing to get you in the spring style mood, I’d love to know in the comments below!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,


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