I love ANYTHING that can make my life easier right? (helllllo AirFryer!) so every time I see a wee little tool that can help make style easier everyday, I’m all over it!

I’ve recently found three such tools, and had to have them all in my own personal styling kit, as well as making them available for you guys on my online shop.

Let me talk you through the three tools and how I use them….

1. UnderWunder Perspiration Protectors

These nifty little devices have been created by a friend of mine in Australia, when she messaged me about them, I immediately thought of a bunch of people who would love  these, and asked her if i could stock them in NZ – luckily she said yes!

These little stick-on pads will not only stop sweat stains on those delicate fabrics, they will also help you get more “wear and air” time out of your clothes. No deodorant stains on your clothes means less washing or drycleaning – good for your wallet and the environment.


They come in packs of 24 for both men and women and you can order them HERE.


2. The Basic Band

Where has this been all my life?? I’m OBSESSED! The Basic Band is a simple tool to crop, layer and reshape your garments for a more flattering fit and versatile style. It is an undergarment that secures around your body (just like your bra) and is designed to be worn all day.

Use to crop tops, layer jumpers over dresses, shorten skirts, style kaftans, tuck without bulk and so much more.


Made from soft and seamless elastic Stays in place all day, there is 4cm of extendable adjustments – therefore it is versatile to style with thin and thicker items

It comes in sizes from AU6 – AU 24 and the colour can’t be seen under clothing and disappears under white – shop them here


3. Sleeve garters

I LOVE the look of a puled up sleeve but I HATE having to constantly push my sleeves up… enter the 80’s phenomenon…. sleeve garters

When I’m working with my personal styling clients, its the little things, like how a sleeve sits that makes all the difference. Little tools like this can be the difference between an outfit looking meh, and looking WOW!!

Over the years working as a personal stylist, I find having the little things that make style easier, really do make a difference! I’m so excited to be able to bring these little styling tools to you, to help you take the stress out of your everyday style just a little more.

The sleeve garters come in both silver and gold colourways and will generally fit a size 6-14 arm – you can shop them here.


If you need any of these cool styling tools in your wardrobe, you can shop all three via my online shop – just hit the button below.


Happy styling!

Cait xoxo


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