If you follow along on my Facebook or Instagram where I post regular updates of my #everydaystyle outfits, you’ll see that I have a certain pair of boots that are never far from my feet….


In fact, it wasn’t until I wore them to a blogger event the other night, and not one, but two of my gorgeous bloggy friends commented, “oh are these the famous Alias Mae boots! You always wear them! You’ve gotten great mileage out of them!“.

Oh so true. You would think I didn’t own another pair of shoes!

Here are just a few of the ways I’ve worn them in the last two years….

And as usual, I try to use real life as inspiration from blogs, so when I thought about WHY I find these particular shoes so useful in my wardrobe, I thought I should share it with you!

It all comes down to my favourite “v” word… versatility.

When I was thinking about why I get so much wear out of this particular style of shoe, it hit me. They practically go with everything!

They work with pants like a normal ankle boot does, but they also don’t look too heavy with dresses and skirts, because there is a little more skin showing – genius right? They are just the right mix of shoe and boot to make almost any outfit work.

So because it’s such a versatile shaped shoe (and sadly my beloved Alias Mae style isn’t available anymore) I thought I’d share with you some of my current faves so you can start rocking the look too!

SHOP THE BOOTS: (top left – bottom right) Alias Mae Erlina boot on sale $80 | Hannahs Pulp Noir “Rasoir” boots on sale $69.95 | Toms “Majoirca” peep toe booties in taupe from The Iconic on sale $77.50 | Django&Juliette “Omero” boots in beige from StyleTread.com $199.00 | Mi Piaci “Hunter” high heel on sale $180


There are so many of these great trans-seasonal shoes on sale right now too! (four out of five of these are!) so now is the perfect time to grab yourself a pair!

Until Next Time, In Style & Love Always,


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