WARNING: If you are a Kmart addict, this post may trigger some stuff…..

So Kmart New Zealand just launched their online store and I cannot be more excited! *Husbands around the country sigh*

Not only does that mean ANYONE around the country can now play the Kmart game – I went in for 1 thing and came out with 17 – but it also means that we can do our research before with hit the madness that is Kmart on a Saturday morning.

Sadly, the fashion hasn’t actually hit the “add to cart” stage on the website get, BUT at least you can view what they have and make your list

So in celebration (and to kindly save you guys sometime scrolling through endless pages of Kmart products!) I’ve put together my top 10 Kmart NZ style pieces you should be adding to cart (or at least creating a shopping list with!).

kmart new zealand online

GET THE KMART LOOK: 1. Wire free bralette $9 | 2. Two-strap watch $15 | 3. Relaxed sweatshirt $15 | 4. Ribbed knit pencil skirt $12 | 5. Long Sleeve teeshirt dress $20 | 6. Waterfall vest $25 | 7. Basic chambray shirt $19 | 8. High rise split knee jeans $25 | 9. Low top sneakers $12 | 10. Canvas bucket tote bag $15. 

Soooooo much to choose from, so little time. Oh wait, we have plenty of time! It’s Kmart right? Aren’t they open until midnight? haha.

All I can say it thank goodness for “No Spend May!”…. oh wait, its June this week…. sorry credit card, Kmart here we come!

Are you a Kmart lover? Does the news of online shopping in NZ fill you with the warm fuzzies? Tell me your wish list in the comments below!

Until Next Time, In Style & Love Always,

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