I don’t even know if that’s a grammatically correct headline, but you get my gist right?

As some of you may know, I got knocked down with a pretty mean stomach flu last week  – A&E at 3am was not an ideal way to spend Tuesday night.

The good news is I’m almost back to 100% and also, it gave me the idea of this blog post haha.

I”m always saying that my blog reflects my life, so what better reason to blog about comfy clothes, than the fact that I’ve been wearing nothing but for the last week haha

Now I’m a firm believer in being comfortable, BUT I also don’t think that it’s an excuse to give up on style. You can TOTALLY do both! So here are five pieces that you can wear around the house, curled up under a blanket on the couch (me right now) but also keep on when you pop out to brunch, or to the shops, or school pickup… am I right?

What they are and why they rock;

1. Witchery printed scarf $54.90 – this large scarf is great for adding extra warmth when you’re feeling a little off, but also just adds the finishing touch to an everyday outfit when you have to run out the door!

2. The Warehouse over-sized jumper $25 – Pair this over-size jumper with the scarf, jeans and shoes and you have the ultimate couch-day combo!

3. Decjuba Riley biker jeans $129.95 (NZ)^ – I’m literally wearing these now and they are THE most comfy jeans ever! They are super-stretchy, oh, and also pull-on! Boom! So it feels like you are wearing leggings, but actually you’re wearing jeans (because, as we all know, leggings are not pants!)

4. The Original Miracle Dress $75 from Cait & Co – this has been my saviour over the last week (and the long sleeve black version too) It’s been great for throwing on after a shower (my happy place when I’m sick), or layering up with tights or jeans for a comfy, no-cling dress option.

4. Toms classic Alpargatas from The Iconic $75 (AUD) – have you every tried a pair of Toms on? They are the softest most “I feel like I’m just wearing socks but actually I’ve got shoes on” shoes ever. My wool Allbirds almost made the cut, BUT the one advantage of the Toms is that they are slip-on. Yup, I get reaaaaaal lazy when I’m sick, and even the thought of having to tie laces was too much so having a slip-on shoe option is gold. They are my standard day-care pickup shoe of choice! Slip them on, run out the door – boom.

So that’s literally what I lived in for the last week (I’m wearing 3 of these items right now!) but I also feel ok about popping out of the house looking half-decent – because you know that you ALWAYS run into someone who you know when you’re looking your less-than-best.

What are your go-to comfy (and stylish) clothes when you’re feeling a bit off colour? Tell me in the comments below and share the love!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style


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