I know, big call, and I’ve talked about this top before, but ladies, I’ve found the solution to all your “is my top too short to cover my bits?” problems and I really think you aught to know about it if you don’t already.

Introducing The Lengthener from NZ made label, Obi.

Obi lengthenerI love this label – I called it my “soul label” the other day. The amazing design team have an amazing outlook on fashion – really thinking about how every single piece works best on a woman’s body. Plus it’s still made right here in NZ, keeping NZ workers in jobs which I LOVE and will always support.


This is that magic piece that makes PONTE PANTS wearable with almost any top in your wardrobe (because, you know, we don’t need to see what you’ve had for breakfast!).

If you want a little bit more bum-coverage on a fitted skirt or pair of pants, this is for you!

Even if you want to rock a crop top but don’t feel comfortable showing belly, then this is DEFINITELY for you! (this is one of the awesome ways the team at Obi style it!)

OR, if you find yourself with a growing baby bump, and still want to wear all your non-maternity tops, then this is for you.

So here it is on its own….

Obi Lengthener on its own

And here is one of my fave tops that is too short to wear with Ponte Pants….. with Ponte Pants…. which as we know are not really pants!

obi lengthener too short

And now with the lengthener layered underneath….genius right!?!

Obi lengthener with top

The details:

RRP: NZ $149 for sleeveless

Size range: 8 – 22. That’s right, there is one for everyone! I’m wearing the 12

Colour options: This lengthener is pretty much available in any colour you could want!

Sleeve length: I’m wearing the sleeveless version, but there is a 3/4 sleeve version too if you want a little arm coverage

Stockists: BUY IT IN THE CHASING CAIT SHOP HERE. For Obi stockists in Aus click here and for NZ click here

Is this something that would be a useful addition to your wardrobe? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to know!

Until Next Time, In Style & Love Always,


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