Being a fairly new import (I moved from Aussie earlier this year) someone forgot to give me the memo about Summer not appearing until after Christmas in this country!

I had visions of September fast approaching, and me pulling out my maxi dresses and summer sandals, swanning around drinking cocktails at daylight savings-induced twilight when in reality I’m sitting inside with my uggs on, still wearing a merino cami and the heater cranked in the background.

So even though it’s still a bit nippy out, I have been assured that summer is just around the corner. THIS is the time to start thinking about your summer wardrobe!

Ok, maybe not quite summer (wishful thinking on my part) Spring maybe? Enter trans-seasonal dressing! And to show you how easy it is, here is how I’ve managed to get away with wearing one of my  Spring/Summer frocks from last season, right now!

I’m all about getting the most out of my clothes, and I’m a firm believer that clothes can be worn in more than one way. With a few different accessories, you can take a look from the cooler months, right into the middle of summer!!

Key piece: The floral frock (Portmans $99.95 – click here to buy similar)

I chose this dress because it had some fun, bright summer colours, but there is still a little back in the print, so won’t look out of place with a heavier blazer and tights.

How to wear it now: Layer this floral frock up with black leggings, ankles boots and a blazer to keep the wind away whilst we’re still waiting for summer!

Floral dress (Portmans, $99.99 – for a similar frock, click here to buy) + Black blazer (Portmans $139.99 – click here to buy) + Clutch purse (Portmans $24.99 – click here to buy) + Thick black leggings (Decujba $20 on sale – click here to buy) + Ankle boots (Rubi Shoes $30 on sale – click here to buy)


How to rock it in summer: Party season is here! There are so many amazing colours in the print that accessorising this frock is easy! The colourful wedges make it fun for an afternoon in the sun, the cuff pulls out the pretty teal in the print and the neon yellow necklace adds an on-trend colour to this bright look!

Floral dress (Portmans, $99.99 – click here to buy similar)  + Bright blue wedges (Novo Shoes $79.95) + Teal cuff (Dotti on sale $7) + Diva neon yellow necklace ($19.99)

So for under $400, I got two completely different looks to take me from now until about May! (or is that just me wishful thinking that it’s not going to get cold again in March….)Until next time, happy shopping!

Cait x

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