It’s time to show a little skin, or is it? I LOVE the look of sheer fabrics we’re seeing come through for spring/summer – it’s cheeky without being too much, and there’s a way for everyone to play along.

BUT You know the drill when it comes to trends. Trends are fun, but don’t feel like a slave to them! This is a trend, like any other, that you can take up, or not!

Style is personal. You always have a choice – so if you choose to have a play with this look, here are some of my expert style tips, and some great ways to get the look!

Loobie’s Story always have some stunning embroidered sheer pieces in their range.

Expert Tip 1: Look for shapes and colours that suit you

That’s the beauty of a trend like this – it’s got nothing to do with shape or fit, it’s about fabric, so you can basically find the ideal shape and style for you and really make it your own.

NZ label Harrie & Sam makes gorgeous sheer pieces that you can layer how you choose

I love the shape and colour of this Harrïe & Sam “Brydie” dress. The drop-waist is right up my alley, and the colour is something new for me.

Expert Tip 2: Think about what you’re wearing underneath

I mean this in a good way! Have fun with your layers! It’s a sheer fabric! So can you layer with a print, or a different colour, or even some sexy lace?

Again, awesome NZ label Harrïe & Sam to the rescue! This is the Niche Top (check out how I styled it 4 different ways over on Instagram.)

I’ve layered it with an animal print camisole underneath to add some individuality to the look, and if you watch the video on Insta, you’ll see some other ways to layer this up.

Expert Tip #3: Be more confident showing off your shape

The biggest thing I love about a sheer trend is that is allows you to be more confident with the shapes and silhouettes you wear.

The sheer layer acts almost acts as a bit of a screen, a blurring tool if you will, to your shape.

This cute, and versatile dress from Postie+ is all in one (the under dress is attached) but it’s the perfect piece if you want to wear something fitted, but want a bit of forgiveness too

Expert Tip #4: Sheer means more fabric

The beauty of sheer fabrics is that they are usually thin and lightweight, so you can get away with wearing a style that may have more shape and volume than normal.

This is because you can still see the underlying silhouette of your body, so the amount of fabric, that may swamp you in a normal maxi dress, for example, will work in a sheer style.

This stunning Zara sheer maxi is one of my favourite dresses in my wardrobe. This style can be overwhelming on some people due the amount of fabric, but the sheer style lets you get away with it more.

How stunning is this sheer polkadot dress from Zara – I want the black now too!


So here are few of my other favourite sheer looks you can get your hands on right now!

GET THE LOOK: 1. Boohoo sheer mesh skirt $59.00 | 2. Zara dotted mesh tulle dress $69.90 | 3. Postie + tie spot shirt $10 | 4. Decjuba “Katia” box tee $89.90 | 5. Harrïe & Sam “Holly Top” in blush $139.00 | 6. Mi Piaci “Sierra” mule $199.00 | 7. Merchant 1948 “Stirling” lace up navy brogue $209.90 | 8. Zara dotted mesh top $39.90

Tell me, is sheer for you? Are you going to give it a try? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to know!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always