Being a bit of a dress girl myself, I was sceptical about this current trend. I thought that only those people with skinny, minnie legs where their thighs don’t touch could wear statement pants because all the attention is on your legs. Turns out I was wrong… I LOVE statement pants! So let me explain why…

Some of my favourite statement pants from Pinterest (click the image to see the board)

Ok, so these are some of the most stylish women in the world (Olivia Palermo, right, is one of my style icons – gorgeous!) but that doesn’t mean you and I can’t rock this look too.

Styling tip: Statement pants look better with a heel (come on, you can do it, just this once!), even a heeled ankle boot will work in winter.

Most statement pants on the market at the moment are a tapered pant – they have slightly more room around the hip, and taper in to be more fitted around the ankle. The room of the hip is actually a flattering cut – because of the volume in the hip area, no one knows if its your hip, or the pant making that particular shape – it’s all about mis-direction.

These ones from Trelise Cooper (which now have a place in my little wardrobe) are the perfect example of a wider hip tapered to a slim ankle.

Trelise Cooper “Fancy Pant” pants RRP $255 on sale (click the image to buy)


Styling tip: Statement pants make A STATEMENT therefore keep everything else simple and streamlined. A fitted black top, a black blazer or coat and a pair of simple black heels or boots are the easiest way to get your head around this trend.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, choose a colour or accessory that matches back with the pants… like my little gold necklace (can you even see it in the shadow of these awesome pants?!!)

Here are some of my top statement pants that are out in the stores (and online) right now.

Some of my favourite statement pants on the market right now

 1. Karen Walker Cargo Pants  NZ$255 (click here to buy)

2. Dotti Paper Bag Pants  AUS $29.95 on sale (click here to buy)

3. Glassons Graphic Print Capri Pants $49.95 (both NZ and AUS) (click here to buy) – these may have also made their way into my wardrobe…. highly recommend them.

And I guess if I’m telling y’all to try this trend, I should give it a try too right? Here are my favourite statement pants at the moment. They are super-comfortable to wear, will work in winter as shown, and in summer too with a little singlet and some more strappy heels.

What do you think? Have I changed your mind? Are you going to give them a try? Go on, you know you want to!

Cait x