Let’s talk about boobs – there, I’ve said it now, boobs. They are THE hardest body part to dress well,(trust me, I’ve seen a few!) and part of the reason for this is that women are NOT WEARING THE RIGHT BRA……ok, sorry for yelling, but as I’m sure we’ve all heard, approximately 70% of us are wearing the wrong sized bra! Why is that??

Well according to one of my awesome girlfriends, Julia, who is also an experienced Intimo consultant, women are wearing the wrong size for a number of reasons, she says:

“They may have been fitted incorrectly, or their breasts have changed shape due to age, pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight loss and gain, or they are just too busy/lazy to get fitted properly and they guess”

Eek! Would you guess what foods to put into a recipe? Or what petrol to put in your car? No, right – so why would you guess the size of the garment that keeps your best asset safe and secure!



Now I’m not a bra-fitting expert, but I do know a little about how things should fit in general. From my own personal experience and with tips and advice from friends who are professional bra fitters and manufacturers, here are a few of my tips for getting the right size:

right fit

Think you STILL  be wearing the wrong size? Get yourself to an underwear specialist right away! Here are just of the few I know that are awesome:


~Bendon Outlets – Dressmart Onehunga, Kopu & Silverdale  are just 3 I know of in NZ (BEST bra-shopping experience ever – snaps to the girls at Onehunga Bendon Outlet)

~Rich Lingerie One Tree Hill


Arianne on Edward

Have another suggestion? Please tell me in the comments below if you know somewhere in your neck of the woods you recommend to your girlfriends.


So now we have you in the right SIZE, there are still different types of bras for different outfits and uses. So here are some tips on finding the right bra for the right occasion:

Big boobs

Sick of wearing nana bras just because you are bigger than a B cup? Me too! (I’m a 12DD in case we haven’t discussed this before). Never fear! Brands are finally cottoning onto this fact and making sexy and fun bras in bigger sizes – here are a few of my faves.

Bra 1: Faryeform Coral rose underwire bra (size 10D-18G) $49.95 (buy it here). Bra 2: Evollve Kardelen flower plunge bra (size 10D - 18G) $34.95 buy it here. Bra 3: Fantasie underwire side support bra from Rich Lingerie (size 8E - 18FF) $90 buy it here.

CLICK TO BUY: Bra 1: Fayreform Coral rose underwire bra (size 10D-18G) $49.95. Bra 2: Evollve Kardelen flower plunge bra (size 10D – 18G) $34.95.  Bra 3: Fantasie underwire side support bra from Rich Lingerie (size 8E – 18FF) $90 NZ.

Strapless bras

Ahh yes, the age old strapless bra debate. Bra straps should never be shown, so if you are wearing a dress that doesn’t cover your normal bra, please invest in a strapless. Again, as one with a larger-than-average bust, I know how tricky it can be to find a good strapless bra! But if 12DD me can find one, 14B you can too ok!? Here a few goodies to choose from:

Bra 1:

CLICK TO BUY: Bra 1: Intimo convertible contour bra (size 8A – 18E) $110 NZ or $89.50 AUS . {Sidebar: this is THE BEST strapless bra I have ever owned. I have 2)  Bra 2: Fantasie smoothing strapless bra from Rich Boutique (size 8DD – 20D) $105 NZ . Bra 3: Bonds microfibre tube bra (size 10A – 14D) $25 AUS

Sports bras

If you don’t want your boobs to end up around your ankles by aged 40 (too late for me, they’re already there) then invest in a SECURE sports bra. Any sort of jiggling movements should constitute the need for a good sports bra. Check these out!

Sports bras

CLICK TO BUY: Bra 1: Target High Impact Action Bra $30 AUS (size 10B – 16D). Bra 2: Bendon Extreme Out Sports Bra $79.95 AUS (size 10D – 18G).  Bra 3: CottonOn Body Active Body K.I.R Bra $19.95 AUS (size 10A-14D)

T-shirt bras

Smooth lines is the objective here. You want a bra that gives you support and lift (I’m NOT looking at you Ahh Bra) but that doesn’t show through your tight tee or top. It doesn’t have to be a sexy nude colour *insert eye roll here* but if you are wearing it under white, it’s advisable. These are a few of my faves (I have the Berlei bra in every colour – I can TOTALLY vouch for it!):

t-shirt bras

CLICK TO BUY: Bra 1: Intimo Dream Bra $82.50 NZ or $67.50 AUS (size 8A – 16D – similar bra available for bigger sizes). Bra 2: Bendon Weightless Padded Soft up Bra $39.95 AUS (sizes 10A-16D). Bra 3: Berlei Barely There Contour Bra $54.95 AUS (size 10A-20DD)

Pretty and lacy

Who doesn’t love to feel sexy every now and then?! And even if you are the only person to see it, you still want to feel pretty every now and then. These types of bras are my staple these days. No extra padding required for me, so the fine lace + supportive strap gives me the shape I like plus the look pretty 🙂

pretty and lacy bras-chasing cait

CLICK TO BUY: Bra 1: Pleasure State soft cup bra $89.95 AUS (size XS – L). Bra : Elle McPherson Dentelle Balconnet Bra $64.95 AUS (size 10A – 16D). Bra 3: Evollve Castaspell Long Line Bra $79.95 AUD (Size 8D – 16G)


So they are just a few of my faves, I have to say that I used to HATE bra shopping! (Have I mentioned I’m a 12DD, sometimes 12E!) All I could find was ugly beige or black nana bras that flattened my already low-set boobs so that I look several sizes bigger than I actually am. That was until I discovered brands like Evollove, Faryeform and even the new Elle McPherson for larger cup sizes! Finally, amazing and sexy (and comfortable) bras for someone over a C cup!

Saying that – the grass always seems to be greener on the other side…. I’ve spoken to many women with small busts who feel un-feminine due to their lack of curves. They are scared that men will think they aren’t sexy, and they don’t feel sexy themselves! It’s easy for me to complain about my cup runeth-ing over, but it’s sometimes important to put into perspective that I have a bust size that many women pay thousands of dollars for!

So with that in mind, I’m going to leave you with this thought …..


Until tomorrow,

Love & Style Always,

Cait xoxo


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