Nails Cash Nav image FB:featuredUgh, the dreaded “B” word – just ask my husband, it’s not my friend. (I think it has something to do with me not liking being told what to do!)

The reality is, most of us have to live on one so we need to constantly make smart choices about where our money goes.

In saying that, I think it’s really important to spend a little money on yourself every now and then and to make sure that you are still getting a treat, or if something is important to you that makes you feel good about yourself, that you make it a priority in your life, no matter WHAT your budget.

So when Westpac came to me and asked me to have a go of their new money-tracking app, CashNav, I jumped at the chance!

There are lots of banking and finance apps out there that help you save, but this one actually helps you spend! It shows me how much I’m spending on different things, highlighting that maybe I would like to be spending elsewhere ie the things that are important to me, that could be a big purchase or it might mean something small…… like getting my nails done!

lifes little luxuries_WestpacCashNav_ChasingCait

For me, this is my one little luxury I can do every few weeks to treat myself, and help make me feel that little bit more “put together” (not only in everyday life, but in my job as a personal stylist too).

I just love the feeling of freshly done nails – I  feel like they finish off any outfit and that makes me feel good (particularly when I get gel polish and don’t have to worry about it for weeks and weeks).

BUT – getting my nails done every 2 weeks (and then toes every 4 weeks) is NOT always a cheap exercise. You’re looking at anything from $40-$60 for a gel manicure, and then some for the pedicure – added up over the month, that’s about $200!

For some people, that is money better spent somewhere else, but for me, it’s a small luxury that makes me feel good so I want to stick with it.

Enter CashNav. Is there something else I can give up, maybe something I don’t even realise I’m spending money on, that will help fuel my nail addiction? I had a look…

I tracked my spending for a month and realised that take-away lunches were KILLING my budget (even being pregnant)! And we usually have perfectly good food at home too!

Here’s what I found!

nails vs lunches_WestpaccashNav_ChasingCait

From just ONE month of tracking using the Westpac CashNav app, I worked out I spent $180 on takeaway lunches (don’t get my started on dinners!). TWELVE!! That’s three a week! Whoops….

It’s amazing what a little bit of research and enforced accountability can do right? It really made me open my eyes to my spending.

So all I have to do in order to feel better about fitting my nails into my budget, it to make a serious effort to actually EAT what I have at home, and ask myself every time I want to grab lunch out, “what do I REALLY want? Sushi? Or to have my gorgeous nails that will last for ages?”

Here’s what it looks like – it really is easy to use, even for a budget-shy gal like me.

Now I can have nice nails WHILST I track my spending haha

Now I can have nice nails WHILST I track my spending haha

It’s not a “savings’ tool per-say, but it does it REALLY show me where my money is going, and then I can adjust my spending accordingly.

The moral of this little exercise my friends is that you can TOTALLY have little luxuries in your life, even if you think you can’t. It’s really just about prioritising (and tracking) your spending.

It could be that you’re lusting after a gorgeous leather jacket, or just want to have an extra $100 a month to get a massage (which you TOTALLY deserve by the way), but you don’t think you can afford it. Well now I want challenge you to start to thinking about HOW you spend your money and not to feel guilty about wanting the little luxuries in life – cause you deserve them!


I have a delightful deluxe manicure session to give away to one lucky Auckland reader with the amazing Heather Vette Nail Artist, valued at $50 (she’s my fave, definitely a little bit of luxury that I love!)

To enter the comp, tell me in a comment below, what little luxury you want in your life and what you’re going to look at spending less on to get it? I’d love to know!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,


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