OK! Before you go all grammar-police on me, I want to explain why they are called “Mom” jeans, and not “mum” jeans.
It’s a fashion thing.

Mom jeans is a slang term for high-waisted women’s jeans that were originally fashionable in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In the late 1990s and 2000s they were mainly worn by middle-aged American women and considered unhip by trendy younger women.”

– All of the fashion bibles, everywhere.

So the “o” is because of where the style originated, the US of A. It’s just the same as using the french, “culotte”, to describe a cropped wide leg pant – it’s where the style originated, so that’s what we call it.


It’s kinda ironic though right? Most of us mums are now preferring the jeans that we thought our mums were totally un-cool wearing!

I love my new “Mom Jeans” from The Warehouse, and for $35, who wouldn’t – you can also read on to find out about how these jeans are ethically sourced.

I mean, how cool are these mom jeans from The Warehouse?

And they are not only a great price ($35 y’all!), as part of the Warehouse’s Here For Good program, they are ethically sourced, with a transparent supply chain (more on that in a little bit).

So what exactly ARE Mom Jeans?

It simply refers to the fit of the jeans. Like we talked about just before, they are traditionally high waisted (to cover the mum-tum), and a more relaxed fit than your standard skinny jeans.

They might have rips, they might not. They can be lighter, or darker denim, it’s up to you what exactly you want to look for in your mom jeans, it’s the fit that makes them mom jeans.

And how should I style them?

How you style them may just differ slightly from a skinny jean, mostly because of the looser fit. But there are two things that will almost ALWAYS help when you wear your mom jeans…

The front tuck is a crucial part in styling a mom-jean, it creates some shape and length through your body. Sometimes a loose top and loose pants can just feel sloppy so the tuck just helps a little.

a sequin singlet with black blazer front tucked into light coloured mom jeans
Full tuck, or partial tuck, they both work with your mom jeans.

Rolling your hem will also slimline these jeans. It exposes the ankle, which stops the looser fit of the jeans feeling frumpy.

mom jeans rolled at the ankle worn with colourful printed high heels
Flats or heels, both will work when you roll the hem of your mom jeans.

Now let’s have a look at three ways that you can style your mom jeans for different occasions…..

Jeans and a nice top

The Warehouse mom jeans with a witchery lace top
The Warehouse mom jeans with a witchery lace top

The fit of the mom jeans are a little more relaxed, so use the top in your outfit to give them a little more femininity and glam.

You could try this look with a printed blouse, or a silk cami, and then dress it up a little more with heels, wedges or boots.

By adding the slightly more dressy top with your mom jeans and trainers, you’ve got an elevated everyday mum-uniform that you’ll feel fab in.

Everyday with a twist

white tee styled with light mom jeans and glitter trainers
white tee shirt styled with mom jeans a glitter trainers

There’s nothing better than classic jeans and a white tee right? And then add your own twist with fun accessories.

In this case, a simple hair scarf and some glitter trainers just give this simple, everyday outfit so pizzaz and personality.

Glam them up!

black blazer styled with a sequin camisole, mom jeans and black heels
black blazer styled with a sequin camisole, mom jeans and black heels

Who says only dark denim can be glam? Add a heel, some sequins and a bright lip and you’re good to go!

I love the combo of glam and grunge that pairing these jeans with a structured blazer creates. It’s a little out of the box, but not so much that’s it’s hard to do.

Ethically sourced denim

The OTHER reason I love these jeans, and gorgeous clothes from The Warehouse, is due to their Ethical Sourcing Program.

There is so much that goes into manufacturing a garment, and following the supply chain, but I want to try and explain a little more about how The Warehouse are working to ensure that all their products are ethically sourced, and everyone involved in the manufacturing process is treated fairly and justly.

Here’s how The Warehouse is bringing you great fashion at an everyday low price while ensuring their ethical standards are met.


The Warehouse are working on a foundation of transparency in their supply chain.

Transparency means their ability and willingness to share meaningful information with their customers and the wider public about the characteristics of their merchandise and supply chain, and the steps they are taking to protect workers rights and ensure that the worst forms of labour abuse are excluded from, or not being unwittingly supported by their supply chain.


Working hand in hand

The Warehouse doesn’t just operate in New Zealand anymore! They have their own offices in their supplier markets in China and India so they can manage the whole supply process smoothly and fairly.

Ethical Practices

No sweat, but a lot of work

They drop in often to make sure factory bosses look after their employees and the environment. If they slip up, they take action. They have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to compromising on human rights, and reject a significant number of supplier applications.


“Bargain” doesn’t mean “cheap”

They make sure the clothes we design are made to last by keeping an eye on production from start to finish, from factory floor to the clothing rack. Everyone takes pride in the work they’re doing.


The whole picture

You deserve to feel good in the clothes you wear, and their teams overseas deserve to feel good making them. It’s their responsibility to make it happen, with independent audits and on-the-ground staff regularly visiting manufacturers.

Want more info? Head here to find more facts on The Warehouse’s ethical sourcing program.

Stay tuned for my next post from The Warehouse, where we follow the path of their famous $5 tee (the one I’m wearing in the second outfit) from factory to floor.

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,

This post was a collaboration between Chasing Cait and The Warehouse Group as part of their Here For Good campaign. Please support the brands that support this blog.