If you are a regular reader of the blog, you know I only have three rules (here’s the post if you are a newbie, oh and hi! Welcome, please stay and have a look around).

Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, three rules – let’s not get me started on the tights as pants thing, but instead let’s talk about Black. Black is ALWAYS the new black in my opinion. But it’s more than just that. Black is always the new black personifies a believe that if something works on you, stick to it! Don’t be swayed by the latest trends, or what’s the latest, greatest new colour.

If you like wearing bootcut jeans because they suit you – keep wearing bootcut jeans! If purple is your colour, then rock the purple, who cares in neon yellow is ‘in’.

So in that vain, here is what I wore for a day of meetings and a few media showings recently….

Black Lace skirt -Chasing Cait


Knit top – Veronika Maine

Skirt – Decjuba

Shoes – Diane VonFurstenberg from Shopbop

Necklace – Diva

Black is always the new black_ChasingCait

Skirt detail _ ChasingCait

neon necklace-ChasingCait


Now saying all that, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add a pop colour to make your look more on-trend. Neon is HUGE right now, so by adding the small pop of neon in the Diva necklace, I’m bringing my look into this season. Plus lace is having a moment (when ISN’T lace having a moment – I LOVE it!) so the lace detail in the skirt makes it seem on-trend again.

Do you agree that classics are better than trends? Or perhaps your a massive trend-setter and put the rest of us to shame?

I’d love to know in the comments below

Love & Style Always

Cait xoxo


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